Friday, April 15, 2011


Man is an unconscious product of his thought process, and his life is a mirrored reflection of his decision making. Every thing about your life is hinged on a decision, be it the choice of a life partner, a career path, or better still, the journey to your life’s purpose. We live in a world where choices rule tomorrow, and seldom will a man attain any great feat, without having to first take a decision or a stand.
 All these truths, and yet, indecision is a disease that has plagued the human mind for as long as time. It seems that so many of us journey through life as spectators, too afraid to jump into the pitch and play the game.
 I don’t know what major step it is that you have to take or why you are finding it so difficult to commit to that good cause. How long will you fold your hands and expect lightening to strike you and say ‘ this is the way’?
 Friends, time and chance is too much of a risk for you to leave your destiny to them, you can get a grip on the handle of your life by the choices you make.
Scripture speaking says, ‘ I have set before you life and death, choose ye life, that you make live’. Don’t you see that you were neither destined to live nor die, you were destined to Choose! Your choices determine your consequences, and as such we must strive to make the right decision, hinged on sound moral, biblical principles.
 Now, haven known the importance of choices in shaping our outcomes, why still dance around the mountain of options? Haven been presented with life and death, why must we think it over a cup of tea? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t investigate your facts and table out your findings, but having done all our homework, why do we relent in crossing the red sea?
 Indecision is a war I have fought for most of my life, and I am slowly winning the war, basically because I came to address one of the major reasons for my indecision…Fear!
What is it that makes a seven year old child so certain that he would be a pilot when he grows up, and yet a boardroom executive cannot make a decision as to the out turn of a meeting? Could it be because the child is yet untainted with the harsh realities of life? Has our knowledge, exposure and experience become our greatest limitations?  We so much fear the consequence of a wrong choice and so we settle for a worse lot which is no choice at all.
 We need to understand that the earth is constantly in motion, and I doubt if creation will wait for you to make up your mind. Sometimes, we need to embrace the blind gullibility of our childhood again, otherwise called Faith, believing in yourself, your dreams and the power of God answered prayers.
 That business idea may never kick off if you keep weighing the risk of failure, that project will likely not be implemented, if you don’t get up and Go for it, either way, whatever action you take towards the actualization of your destiny, must start with a decision.
So get up dear, Get up right now…commit that plan to God, and go make it happen!

With love and laughter,
© Tochi Eze
15th April 2011.