Friday, December 10, 2010

Leadership SECRETS( part 1)

How on earth did a slave from a foreign land wind up as prime minister? If we can unravel this mystery then we would finally understand the concept of Leadership.

Joseph was a man of like passions, his journey from home to a strange land and then to the prison is quite conventional, save for the fact that we don’t end up as prime ministers. I have had course to meditate on the rise to power of Joseph, and how someone who ordinarily should have a slave mentality or at least be somewhat bitter and resentful could emerge as one of the greatest administrators of his time. Now, there is a school of thought that Joseph attained his height of success because he had a peculiar dream and destiny, my question then is…who doesn’t? we are all born with peculiar destinies and we all nurse our distinct dreams.
Again, having acknowledged that it took more than two dreams to land Joseph at his desired and pre ordained destination, I had to admit that it was not just the dream, it was the life and habits of the dreamer. Leadership is therefore not a position, but a state of existence that is reflected in the daily and deliberate practice of a man.

The second question then is, what was the daily and deliberate practice of Joseph that landed him at the Palace?
1. Joseph had a Dream; we already established this right? We also agreed that it’s not so strange to us. Most of us are already good at this, infact we are a little too good at dreaming,
2. He knew the source of his Dream. The source of your dream determines the cost of your dream. Right from inception, he knew that he had a divine God ordained call to lead and he pursued this call not out of selfish ambition or pride but rather out of a desire to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.
3. He was confident; he didn’t allow his position in his family to affect his dream life, the limitations imposed on him by virtue of his birth position was merely biological and it did not affect his mindset. He was a second to last child but he definitely had a second to none mentality.
4. He was obedient and serviceable: he willingly took food to his brothers even though he knew they were his No. 1 dream killers
5. He was humble; he immediately adapted to the role of a slave rather than being rebellious and resentful.
6. He feared, loved and walked with God; this reflected in his high moral values and principles, the fact that he said no to pharaoh’s wife even though it would have landed him a promotion
7. He was optimistic; he knew the prison was not his last point of call
8. He was industrious; he employed his gifts even among his prison guards and wards.
9. He had a forgiving heart: in that he readily forgave and took back his brothers who dealt him the highest form of betrayal, that in itself was an unusual test of character and landed him the liberation to truly break out from the chains of the past hurts.
There is indeed no doubt in my mind, that if one can carefully study these habits and practices of Joseph, his Greatness will not only be inevitable but will also be uncompromisable!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Almost everyone nurses some sort of dream, vision, ambition or passion as the case may be, however we are soon discouraged and limited by our prevalent situations. Life is often about bridging that gap between your (sight) where you presently are and your (vision) where you want to be. What ensures that we reach our destination or otherwise is not the economic situation, family background or even relationship status, it is our ATTITUDE.

By ‘attitude’, I mean a general positive and productive disposition towards things and life in general. Sometimes we embark on a journey or project with so much enthusiasm, with little more than a dream and a gift or skill as the case may be, just like Joseph the son of Jacob. We often dream but we don’t calculate and just like Joseph we fall victim to envious peers, colleagues and family, we confront that bait that entices us to compromise our values, and no matter how right the decisions we take in life are, we often end up in prison.

The truth is, what guarantees you success is not the nobility of your actions but the carriage of the right attitude. It was Joseph’s attitude towards life and as regards his gift that translated his prison into his palace.

Your attitude affects everything. It affects the way you carry yourself. Joseph had the carriage of a leader even though he was one of the least in his household, and regardless of the fact that he was exposed to slavery at an early age by his brothers. He became the leader in prison because he embraced the secret of promotion, which is to always put in your best even in a worst case scenario.

Your attitude determines the way you see, while others saw the prison as a cage that locked them away from their freedom, Joseph decided to see the prison as a perfect platform to express his gifting.

His attitude did not pay off ‘immediately’, but it paid off big time.

The next time life throws you into that very uneasy and uncomforting situation, like it did to me only recently, rather than grumble and be bitter, why don’t you put on the right attitude, an attitude for success, increase and breakthrough. It doesn’t mean the road will not be bumpy, but you sure will enjoy the ride and even if you don’t hit the destination target, you definitely will be ahead of the park. What looks like a difficult and impossible situation may well announce you to the king’s presence.

Finally, I leave you with this food for thought. the prison is not a place to wail and moan, it is not a place to idle away, don’t waste or underestimate the people you meet in your prison, they may well be your network out of there. Wear a smile, be proactive, watch and pray and most importantly always give thanks.

© Tochi Eze Nov 2010.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 'thesis'on doors

I once had the acquaintance of a one year old boy, his name is obiora and he is the son of a family friend. Obiora at one had an unusual fascination with doors, the implication of this was that he was always trying his hand on any and every door, of course at that age, his hand could barely touch the door knob and if he was able to stretch himself, he would succeed in slamming the door on his fingers( ouch). This did not make him relent, the guy just had a knack for doors, it was thus my pondering on this observation that inspired this write-up and as I share this thesis with you I hope as always that you will identify at least one point that is educative and informative to you and for your application.

Doors generally represent a ‘legitimate’ entrance or exit to and from a place. I use the word legitimate basically because there is a presupposition that thieves don’t come in through the front door, in their sly nature they have to employ a more sinister approach, and if they must go through a door( whether front or back) it has to be a break in.
1. A door symbolizes a semblance of possibilities that await you on the other side of the door, possibilities that are so treasured that they need to be guarded by a wooden or iron sense of security. A door doesn’t open merely by invitation, acquaintance or urgency, what guarantees the opening is either you have a key, or someone on the other side has a key and is willing to open for you.
2. A door also symbolizes transition, exit from a place and entry or at least the demand of entry into another place, we are constantly in motion, it is what makes us unique, the ability to detest stagnancy, in life generally and in finances specifically and so it is this life of transit that often brings us before doors, unfortunately most of us get stuck there.
3. A door usually attracts people of like minded destination, the truth is that if whatever on the other side is worth the while, chances are that you won’t be the only one in front of the door trying to get in. while you are waiting for the door to open, take time to be friendly, meet people that are waiting on your side of the door to get in, the fact you have the same destination doesn’t mean that they are your competition, if you network hard enough, you’d be surprised to meet someone that has the keys to the door or has already made contacts with someone on the other side.

This write-up is the exclusive copyright of Tochi Eze and cannot be reproduced or forwarded without her consent.

The Ultimate Brand

Brand loyalty, as I have recently observed is the combination of a number of factors that result in a customer preferring a particular product or service over others that are of a similar nature. Most enterprises have realized the importance branding in the success of their businesses and hence a lot of financing is invested into developing a company’s brand loyalty as it were, ranging from beautifully designed graphic logo’s, innovative advertisements and excellent customer / service delivery system, they all strive for a niche that stands them out in the market.

As human beings, we all have our distinct brands that set us apart from the crowd, that make more readily appealing and desirable that every other person and that ultimately yields us better returns in life, these brands could be consciously or unconsciously developed.
Allow me to put it this way, a brand in a layman’s point of view is simply what a product, company or person is known as remembered by. X-pression reminds us of quality hair piece, Coca-Cola reminds of refreshing beverage, identita Nigeria connotes brand loyalty, amongst others. These brands did not just exist, they are a result of a deliberate line of thoughts, policies and actions, and like in the case of Coca-Cola, the effect has spanned generations, and yet, I will tell you a most perfect brand, whether for an individual, corporation or government, LOVE is a perfect brand. Scripture speaking in John 13.34 and 35 said that we should love one another, and that by so doing, all men will know that we are his disciples. LOVE is the ultimate brand, it sells itself always, wards off competition and the recipients never forget thereby generating the best form of brand loyalty.
Imagine if every time someone thought of you or your business, a nice warm feeling came over the person who by the way doesn’t mean to date you?
To love your neighbor is more than a cliché and it expresses itself in the smallest acts of kindness. For instance, when last did you pay for a stranger sitting next to you in a bus? How often do you smile at a beggar while giving him money? When last did you pray for a sick neighbor not because you were asked to but because you truly cared? How often do you forgive a wrong without an apology?
The extent of your brand communication ensures that your business still thrives even after you retire, its generally what you are remembered for. What comes to your mind when you think of princess Diana, mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King(JR)? these are people that are no longer with us and yet their actions still speak for them.
Finally, you cannot give what you don’t have, no business should sell what it is not prepared to buy because it douses credibility completely. The only qualification to loving others is to love yourself. Now, loving yourself goes beyond having a high self esteem or confidence the ability to make wise and credible decisions for your life, not just because they make you feel good but because it is the right thing to do.
My point exactly? Having seen the importance of branding and identifying the ultimate brand, we need to start making conscious and deliberate efforts to build or increase our already existing brand loyalty and like every good brand, it cannot happen overnight, but after a while you’ll eventually build that perfect reputation that you want people to remember you for!

This write-up is the exclusive copyright of Tochi Eze and cannot be reproduced or forwarded without her consent.


Whether used literally or metaphorically, the word ‘storm’ often depicts an unusually troublesome and turbulent situation that is difficult to control, yet, having the capacity to drown a person. Research has shown that the negative effects of storms on those who experience them is so outrageous that they either hardly come out alive and if they do, the damage would have scarred them thoroughly. In our journey in life, we often experience the harsh and cruel nature of these storms, and even though we are not sailors at sea, the negative effects are often the same. Whether it is the death of a loved one, a failed marriage, financial crisis, or a health condition, the list is endless, the point is that we don’t always come out alive and if we do, we would have been so badly bruised and scarred that life itself hardly recognizes us
Storms are inevitable, the are a necessary pointer that we are sailing the right direction, I also console myself with the fact that every storm has a time limit, they are not meant to last forever, eventually everything calms down. The only thing that troubles me is the damage that would have been done at the end of the storm. However these damages, as I have recently observed can be controlled and minimized if we could only understand and apply these basic principles.


The wind is one element that can only be felt but never seen, Change, is just like the wind, it can at best be discerned but you can’t really tell the angle it will come from. Change, like they say, is the only constant thing and it is a necessity to keep us moving on and keep the earth moving round, change is confrontational and as such we have to face it square and tackle it head on, we don’t have to run at the face of every challenge or strain, how can you expand except you stretch yourself? Each time life presents a seemingly shut door to you, its not an indicator for you to cower back in fear or defeat, we have to always understand that a shut door doesn’t end the journey, it only means we have to look for another passage.

The scenery at the beach is usually breathtaking, for anyone who has been careful enough to observe, assuming you fall into the class of observers, have you ever noticed the way the waves rise and fall? With such intensity, they seem almost on a mission to cause havoc.
Waves are a reaction of the sea to the wind. The sea, not being very accommodating reacts in such velocity to the wind, no wonder the waves are usually more intense at evening and night when the wind is more pronounced.
The wave of opposition is simply the earth’s (including man) physical reaction to the wind of change. The society and life in general is not very accommodating to our situations and challenges, people tend to judge what they don’t understand, ourselves inclusive. Take it all in good stride. It’s called the ‘wave’ syndrome. You don’t have to react to every opposition you face, this stage is very sensitive because the wind of change has thrown you off course and the waves of opposition threaten to swallow you, don’t wallow in self pity, recognize this stage of the storm and take it all in good stride.

The sea, just like life, is not static. It is in constant motion and operates in such a way that if you are left at its mercy, you either sink or float.
The anchor is usually but not always in the form of a metallic hook that is thrown from the ship to get a grip on something solid enough to prevent the ship from sailing away once the engine is off.
The will to stay afloat at the end of the storm is not enough, you have to identify that one mark that you hold unto for dear life to keep you from floating away, to prevent your essence from being drained out of you so that when the storm is finally over an the sun rises again, the world will not have to send a search team to fish you out.
For various people it differs, but for me its is God, he is the one person I can hold unto for dear life and no matter how weak my grip I know he will never let me go, and besides, when the sun eventually rise, I want to be seen by his side!

This write-up is the exclusive copyright of Tochi Eze and cannot be reproduced or forwarded without her consent.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Champions League

The U.E.F.A have consistently conducted the champions league since 1955, they have succeeded not only in improving the quality of football appreciation worldwide, not even in the entertainment they provide to all football lovers albeit sometimes life threatening, but also in generating economic wealth for governments. It is considerably the most watched sporting event in world history generating an average of 100 million viewers. However, I do not wish to concern myself with the UEFA, I want to bring to your notice another sport, if one might call it that , where the top players are referred to as the champions league.

It is called the race of life, and the players here who have and can master the rules of the game and apply them are referred to as champions.
According to the oxford dictionary, a champion is a person who has surpassed all rivals in a sporting contest, and like I mentioned earlier this particular sport is called the race of life.
Now, in this sport, recruitment is not done annually but daily, per second for that matter. A lot of people participate, about 6 billion actually but only a handful emerge as champions, and I’ll tell you why. It is because they possess certain qualities that every sports man must possess. Let us consider some of these qualities.

1. Skill: oh yes, this people are a set of creative and innovative kind of people. They are incredibly smart, knowledgeable in the affairs of life and always looking to improve their skills by seeking for wisdom.
2. Strength: one of the strongest tools of any sportsman is his strength, the field is not a place for sissies, neither is the track, these champions have a peculiar kind of strength though, they rely not just on natural ability but on the supernatural capacity of a divine God. They understand the phrase ‘the horse is prepared for battle, but deliverance is of the Lord.
3. Passion: to take away passion from a player is to take away the life from the game. Passion is always the reason why we go that extra mile. These champions understand passion, they stand for what they believe in and they believe in what they stand for.
4. Focus: the ultimate focus of any player is to score the goal, hit the target or cross the finish line. Again my champions know this too well, that is why they can’t afford distractions, they won’t allow the fleeting pleasures of life to keep them from finishing well.
5. Team spirit: The peculiarity of this sport, is that it is a race where everyone runs for the finishing line, but only the true champions carry others along. A true champion never enjoys any victory without people by his side!
My name is Tochi Eze, I am a champion and I want you to join my champions league!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HAKUNA MATATA( our problem free philosophy)

Let’s face it, Problems are not just a part of our living, they are a birth right! We are a set of problematic people, born into a problematic world and in a problematic era for that matter. Oh yes, we inherit some of these problems, create quite an amount for ourselves, and then bequeath a good portion of the problem legacy to our children.

By the way, a problem is a situation that poses to be difficult, it may threaten to be harmful or just plain inconvenient, whichever the case is, we don’t want them, but we are stuck with them.
Still speaking on problems, we should understand that although they come in different packages, the content is generally the same, for instance, it could be an annoying boss, child, friend, job, car, health condition, finances, the list is endless, basically if you don’t like it but your stuck with it, then it’s a problem.
Why do we have problems? Oh that’s easy, problems are the platforms that propel us to our desired height of victory. We need to look beyond the situation that challenges us, and see the opportunity that lies therein, for instance, if darkness wasn’t a problem, Thomas Edison wouldn’t have had the need to invent the light bulb.
Now I don’t have a problem with problems, there is just no point, we are stuck here, with everything around us rigging of problems needing to be solved and if you have noticed, I have been speaking in general terms, meaning there is NO exclusion. We all are involved and affected. I have a far bigger contention which is…
How do we deal with problems? That’s easy too. We deal with problems by philosophy, oh yes, philosophy. My recent discovery…Problems respond to philosophy. Please don’t get confused just yet, I’ll explain myself.
I don’t mean the philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, reality and existence, I’m referring to the philosophy that deals with the system of thought or thought process of a particular set of people, example the natural law philosophers and so on.
Back to my point, there are several philosophies( system of thought) that we can use to deal, handle and manage our problems. Some of them are

• Fear- that’s right, just go ahead, hide, retreat, cower back in shame, but you know what, this philosophy attracts problems big time and for a longer period too.

• Anger- according to oxford dictionary, it is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure and hostility. Sure, anger is a good way to handle your problems, especially if you want to end up like Adolph Hitler, who channeled his anger from a drunk and abusive father, the untimely death of his mother and his rejection in the German school of art, to acquiring and accumulating military prowess that almost destroyed world peace.

• Habits-yes, habits always solved the problem, right? I mean, you get into a bad relationship or things don’t work out as planned, and we fall into drugs, just to get your mind off things, except that when your minds gets back from the trip, guess who’s waiting? Mr. Problem.

• Inhumanity, yes just like Idi amin, take out your problems on people by being cruel and inhumane, but remember, you may not last as long as he did and it definitely doesn’t make you a problem solver.

• Hakuna matata-this as you may suspect is my best philosophy. The Swahili coined phrase simply means no worries. Unfortunately few people understand and employ this tactic, myself inclusive. A life without problems is not attainable, but a life without worries is.
The worry free mind doesn’t deny the existence of the problem, rather it looks at it with the eyes of hope, not with the resignation of impending defeat but with the realization that Life is too short and time is too costly to waste both worrying about a problem that at best has a solution somewhere and at worst, was not designed to drown you.

So you decide, what’s your problem free philosophy???

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Effects of Pain killers

Pain, an unpleasant sensory experience, has been described to be the most common reason for medical consultation, it is a major symptom in medical conditions and can significantly interfere with a persons quality of life.

Whether it’s a headache, a sprained ankle, or a burn from kitchen work, science has taught man that he does not need to condone pain, hence the advent of pain killers, right? Well, wrong!
Let me tell you something about pain, it is usually but not always the symptom of a bigger and often more complex medical condition. So you see, science in all its research, theory and experiment can only come up with a temporary relief, never a lasting cure. how ever lets not get into that argument.
My point is that your local aspirin, whether its ibrupofen, buscopan or good old panadol, can at best offer you a temporary relief, example, you can stop the headache but does it stop the malaria?
I will share with you certain features of these our so called pain killers that we all should know.

1. It serves as a distraction. Oh yes, it takes your mind off the main problem at hand, never really giving you the opportunity for a proper diagnosis and procuring a lasting relief.

2. It gives the problem or condition room to grow, because if you are not killing bacteria, then it’s spreading in you.

3. It always wears off eventually, again, emphasis is placed on the temporary nature of relief it proffers. The pain always comes back because the source is still there.

4. Last but not least, too much of it, like an overdose for instance, goes straight to your kidney and kills( guess who?)

Now, enough of this medical gibberish. The point I am trying to make or emphasize is on the pain killers we employ to tackle emotional, psychological and even spiritual hurts.
Just in case you fall into the pain killer group, I’m not too sure the brand you employ, whether it is alcohol, sex, bad habits, lies amongst others, the simple truth is that it never takes away the problem.
Getting drunk to escape an emotional turmoil doesn’t solve anything, eventually you become sober and reality sets in, sleeping with that man is not going to solve the communication problem between the two of you, and lying does not make you more believable or acceptable.
Now, like I mentioned earlier, these so called pain killers, no matter the brand you employ do not solve the problem, at best they only proffer a temporary relief, allow the problems to get compounded, make you addicted and then eventually, they kill you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Living with Rats!!!

From my experience (in this area which is quite vast), rodents are presumably the most annoying set of crawling creatures in the whole wide world, and that includes the World Wide Web.

I mean, they visit un-invited, barge into your privacy, and stay even though they are not welcome. I’m not even talking about their nuisance value, destructive by nature, slimy and boy, are they stinkers.
The worst of these breed in my view, are the Rats.
Now rats, (am guessing), are the no.1 household nuisance, virus and enemy of most houses in Lagos, Nigeria, and contrary to what people think, it doesn’t matter where you live; be it in the suburbs or the slums, they are everywhere.
At this point, I’m sure you are wondering what the point of this write up is? Well, follow me closely.


1. Where do rats come from?

2. Shouldn’t they have a community of their own?

3. Why do we have to condone them?

Not being a zoologist and all, I can’t answer the first two, but the answer to the third question is a definite NO. Nobody has to and should condone a rat.
You know what is even more annoying than these rats? The people who share the same features with them, yes- the people-rats!

Their features again;

1. they visit un-invited

2. they barge into your privacy

3. they stay even when they are not welcome.

Can you place a name or a face?

4. they constitute a nuisance

5. destructive by nature: all they want to do is use up all your stuff, take up all you’ve got, and remain a liability.

For clarifications, I am not a nasty person, nor am I harsh; I’m only trying to be blunt and educative.
Back to the lesson, I want to share with you four reasons why you shouldn’t condone rats and people-rats.
• In condoning a rat or a people-rat, you leave yourself and your environment dirty and polluted. The saying that bad company corrupts good manners is still true. If you leave them around you long enough, it’s only a matter of time before you start to conform to the environment, and we do not want anything to sabotage our excellent spirit.
• If you condone a rat or a people-rat, you are giving a definite license to destruction.-their gossiping and lies can destroy your relationships, your state of mind and even your homes.
• If you condone a rat or a people-rat, be prepared to stink! Yup, real rats stink, dead or alive, and if you keep up with these people of such poor character traits like lack of integrity, morals or ethics, people may pick up their scent, and attribute it to you.
• If you condone a rat or people –rat, it’s only a matter of time before your health starts deteriorating. You can lose your peace of mind from their too much nagging, lose your self esteem from their criticizing and you can even lose some weight because they will literally feed off you.
So you see why you shouldn’t condone a rat, and a people-rat. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your environment and you owe it to the eco-system!

Friday, September 3, 2010


If you have ever attended or in the least bit watched a masquerade ball, then you will agree with me that it is quite an interest to the eye. It generates a certain kind of excitement or mystery of not being able to tell who is behind that mask, However, If you come right down to it, that is all there is to it…the Entertainment! It proffers no logic at all, I mean, why would anyone take the pains of attending a dinner, getting a beautiful dress or suit, getting your hair and make up all done, only to cover it up in a mask…it’s simply beyond me to understand this great fashion mystery that have spanned centuries. We might as well just wear rags then cover our faces so people don’t recognize us. The simple but truthful fact is that people who need to wear masks are often people with something to hide, and that includes zorro!

Life on the other hand is one big masquerade ball, and we are all in default attendance. It provides the perfect platform because no one really knows what is in the heart and mind of the person standing next to him. We wine and dine with people of questionable character and morals, we live amongst thieves and fraudsters, sometimes we even marry them and start families with them, all the while, without the slightest inclination as to their true identity.
A Man can wear a mask for entertainment, but nothing beats the disguise of a man who pretends.
Pretense is the ability to portray yourself as something that you are not , it is the highest form of deceit and has existed as long as time.
However un-justifiable these pretenders are, there is a worse a lot, for to wear a mask to deceive others, I can understand is simply wickedness but to deceive oneself… that is sickening, a symptom of a mental deficiency that is rummaging our society today.
A lot of us have been scarred by the harsh experiences of life and if only we will take of our masks we will soon recognize one or two of our scars on the body of our contemporizes and friends.
Now, like I said earlier, life, here on earth, is one big event, a masquerade ball with an enormous attendance. Who then is the man that will dare to be different, to be distinct and peculiar? Who will dare attend the ball without a mask?? I’ll tell you a little about him…

• He is a Man with a good strength of character, he will not cheapen himself by gaining from others through deceit, more so he will not cheat himself by self deceit.

• He is a Man with a strong sense of confidence, he refuses to be vulnerable to people, he is not ashamed of the scars he obtained in his journey of life, and he is not afraid of what people will think when they see his scars.

• He is a Man who is Identity Conscious, he knows his strengths and weaknesses, yet he wants to be seen and accepted for who he truly is.

Do you dare to be this Man??? Then take away your mask of pretense and give the world the honor of knowing the real you!

Monday, August 23, 2010


The term business tends to generate a particular idea of buying and selling in the minds of people, and to a tiny extent it is correct. However business, as we will soon discover entails so much more, buying and selling is just a tiny fragment of it.

The English Encarta dictionary defines it as the ‘commercial activity involving the exchange of money for goods or services’.
This, in my opinion does not proffer much solution, at least for the purpose of this write-up, so I’ll come out with it in my own terms, plain and simple. Now, business, as far as I’m concerned is simply an opportunity to make money…am I speaking your language?
At this point I either have your interest or I have succeeded in placing a frown of suspicion on your face, whichever the case is, I have some explaining to do.
Let’s start from the award winning concept of ‘money’.
No matter how religious, moral or principled you are, you can not deny the necessity and effectiveness of money in the life of a man and a nation at large. To live in ignorance of this fact at this stage of economic awareness is just plain foolishness ( forgive my language). Except you were delivered to your parents by storks which is actually an impossibility, you have been spending, rather living on the availability of money or the lack of it. For instance, you were not born for free, your parents had to pay the hospital bills or the mid wives bills and I mean this for most standard deliveries. I can also assure you that at the point of your death, quite an amount is going to be spent on your funeral rites.
Maybe a brief history of the origin of money will add more color to this picture.
Money is used primarily as consideration or exchange of a desired good or service. Money, as in physical cash hasn’t always existed though, the practice then was to exchange a good for a good, product for product and service for service. The rationale behind this is that nothing goes for free, at least in a commercial sense, a certain price is fixed for everything and payment of that price is what guarantees exclusive right of ownership.
If God, the creator of the universe structured the earth in such a way that the farmer has to sow before he reaps, what makes you think you will get anything from life without putting in something referred to consideration. Even your very existence is because you have a primary purpose and assignment here on earth, you were not created for free so don’t expect to anything on earth to be otherwise, this is where money comes in, money is one consideration that has been modified over the years to ensure universal acceptability. So, without being self righteous about it, the existence of money is justified, even by God.
Having looked at the concept of money howbeit insufficiently, I suggest we examine the other aspect of business, which is simply ‘the opportuniy’ to make money. Now, opportunity simply means a chance, and one that offers a kind of advantage( Encarta dictionary).
Imagine what we mean by a chance to make money?
Contrary to what most of us believe, chance or opportunity doesn’t go about parading itself to people, you actually have to go looking for it or in the least, walk in the consciousness of it. Nothing provides a better opportunity to make money than doing business.
I was once of the opinion that I wasn’t cut out for business, I couldn’t afford the running around it entailed, or the patience it required to source the customers for your funds, I have since learnt otherwise.
First, anyone who has ever bought anything in his or her life has actually acquired the skill of buying and selling.
Second, we established that it doesn’t have to be a tangible product, anyone who is teaching for money is as much in business as the one who is into supply of car parts. Now, by teaching I don’t mean someone who is in the employ of a school, the truth is that you are not into business if you are making the money for some other person for a token, fee or salary.
This business, in the real sense of it advocates entrepreneurship, and it’s not as hard as some of us think it is.
We can all be entrepreneurs, as long as we are not all selling the same product, you pay for my services and I pay for yours. This is where Innovation comes in.
We need money, an opportunity to make money and then more money, for ourselves, for our children and for our nation.
Nigerians are incredibly smart and innovative people, full of raw talent waiting to be exploited, I believe in the strength and riches of this nation embedded in its people, I just wish we could break out of the social structures and stereotypes of civil service, enough of unemployment, why look for a job when you can create an industry? People will pay for anything, even for you to laugh, if you do it differently.

The economy of this nation is dependent on you, set up that business TODAY!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Understanding the biological makeup of a woman could be quite complex, especially when one is not into human anatomy or medical practice. However the fact that I am a woman myself has made the task somewhat easy.
In my brief study, one thing that really marveled me in the body of the woman is her reproductive role, capacity and system.
From the point of birth, the woman possesses all it takes to give life, even though it doesn’t really develop till a certain stage of her life.
Again, the womb in my opinion is the most intriguing of all the features of the female reproductive system. Its in the womb that a child is conceived, nurtured before finally brought forth.
I’m certain all this talk of biology has left you wondering, which brings me to the point of this write up.

Do you know the human mind is very similar to the female womb?

• The mind, just like the womb, is the place where ideas are conceived, nurtured, before they are brought forth.

• Conception depends on external factors; the ovum depends on sperm, while the brain depends on knowledge.

• The womb provides conducive atmosphere for gestation, and so does the mind, it provides the temperature for the development of your ideas, through its storehouse of information and experience.

• As fetus is aborted from the womb that is the same way ideas can be aborted from our minds sadly by the mother of both baby and idea.

• When gestation period is complete, the womb releases the child to the world, so does the mind, as soon as the idea has been fully developed and strategized by the mind, it releases it for implementation.

• The natural process of release mentioned above is usually painful but worth the pain, so is the effort put to actualize our plans, ideas etc

We are ALL pregnant and should be expectant, men and women alike, now whether it is with a baby or an idea, one thing we need for our wombs or mind is nourishment, and this is more so during the term of such pregnancy. The woman needs her nutrients, her diets, her exercises, while the mind needs knowledge, experience, and direction.

Lack of these usually lead to mal nourishment and the inevitable deficiency of your baby or idea.

The point of this write up again;

• Study to acquire knowledge.

• Participate to gain experience

• Inquire to receive direction.


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Spirit of PATRIOTISM

I remember singing the National anthem throughout my childhood years, its not like we had a choice, it was just an essential part of our education system, and I’m sure that the experience is not peculiar to me. However, what has got me thinking is the fact that I sang the anthem so many times but I never really listened to it, until recently.
Let me refresh your memory, the first stanza says; Arise O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. Unfortunately many of us have not answered to this call, for a number of reasons. Some of us can’t hear the call because we are not listening, some others are just too busy chasing after seemingly more important things, and yet the third group is just plain angry with the country. Maybe a little understanding of who a patriot is will clarify the picture.
According to the Encarta dictionary; a Patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his or her country and its way of life. Note the word PROUD.
Question: where are all the proud Nigerians?
A true patriot has certain characteristics that I want us to look at.
•INSIGHT: the ability to see clearly into a complex or complicated situation. It’s the power of vision. A patriot is some one who doesn’t see his nation as it is but rather as what he wants it to be, when every other person sees faults and mistakes, the patriot sees only hope and possibilities.
•STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: the Patriot usually depicts a strong strength of character, little wonder it is so, every thing around him suggests to give up on his vision, on his cause and on his nation, the leaders are corrupt, and exhibit no sign of remorse but yet his level of commitment is unwavering. He is also very matured, because it takes a mentally matured man not to speak ill of his country no matter what. Imagine a scenario, where your mother is sick, and there is a possibility it is fatal, you don’t wake up every morning and cry ‘Away with you, you sick old woman’( if you are in your right senses) rather you encourage her, tell her to be strong, assure her of recovery e.t.c
•LEADERSHIP: the Patriot is a true leader in every ramification, a leader always protects his own, no matter the cost, a good shepherd is willing to die for the sheep, as also a good captain for his ship and also a good pilot for his crew. If you have ever tried to attack chicks when the mother hen is there, you will understand what I mean. She will fight you with all she has, just to keep her chicks safe and protected. A patriot will be willing to take extreme measures where necessary to protect his own nation.

Where do you and I come in? there is a divine mandate for us to leave our nation better than we met it. It’s the law of replenishing the earth, this is one platform that is begging for our attention, and it is totally free. It is called the platform of patriotism, where every one is a positive thinker and positive speaker.
What have you been saying about Nigeria? The prodigal son may have left with the loot, Judas may have betrayed Jesus, our leaders may have disappointed us, but all these should not change the cause of the mission.
Our mission is for a better Nigeria, the laborers are the patriots which are you and I, our tool is our mouth and the words we speak and our zeal will shade us from the heat.
Remember, Patriotism doesn’t mean overlooking the wrongs, but rather commitment to the mission.
Listen; can you hear the call? It says Arise O compatriots.

Speak a positive word about our country today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

7even Top STRATEGIES for Winning!

Life is as much a game as It is a Race, and just like in every good game, only the players that master the rules of the game emerge consistently as winners.
Now Winning is as much a mindset as it is a Reality, whether in our academics pursuits, career, marriage and even business, most people play to win, unfortunately also, most people don’t play fair-they go as far as employing tactics such as manipulation, corruption, deceit, selfish ambition, to outsmart and out shine the others-all of which are not necessary because he who cheats to win at a game is not a winner, but a cheat who is enjoying a temporary victory in anticipation of a permanent fall.
I’ll like to share with you, seven strategies, which if properly and consistently employed will enable and empower you to win Fair and Square in all spheres of your life.

#1. OPTIMISM: Yes, having the right mindset. No sane person enters a competition or starts a race and entertains ideas that he will lose. its what I call the ‘winning spirit’. True Victory starts in your heart. I suggest that whatever project it is you want to undertake in life, embark on it with the right positive attitude, apply for that job with the right positive mentality, enter into that marriage with the right mindset, be sure that if it’s never been done before, you can always be the one to start it, If there is just one person qualified, why wont it be you? I Hope you are getting the picture.

#2. RESEARCH: always investigate, find out in advance the rules of the game, talk to people who have been there before you…this will always set you on edge over your contemporaries. I mean, we all know that if you are going to write an exam, you should study past questions? So why wont you study the history of the company that is granting you that interview? If you are smart enough not to marry some one whom you know nothing of then bear in mind that that company is smart enough not to employ someone whom knows nothing of it. This applies in every sphere of your life. It pays to ask questions!

#3. PREPARATION: this is one of the basics, matter of fact 90 % of what determines the outcome of any game or sport is the level of preparedness of the players. No matter how many questions you ask, if you don’t do your home work, you won’t win the prize. According to John Maxwell, preparation sharpens your talent, so no matter how good you are, there will always be the external factor.

#4. FOCUS: I’ll put it this way, draw a mental picture of what you want, keep your eyes fixed on it, run towards it and don’t stop till you get there. Imagine a scenario, where an athlete in a track race, who was off to a pretty good start, well prepared and ahead of his colleagues, then suddenly he hears the cheering crowd and decides to stop and wave at them-while the race is still on. Two things will happen, he will slow himself down, and his colleagues will overtake him. Unfortunately some of us are a little too much like this athlete, you started off with a picture, then you see a little success and then lose focus, all to a temporary fleeting distraction of wealth or fame. Success is not a destination, it’s a race and one that doesn’t stop till your time is up. Remember, no matter how high you think you have reached, you can still fall, so keep your eyes on the finish line.

#5: PLAY TO WIN: this is what I like to call excellence. Whatever it is you do, I want you to have an A+ mentality. As entertaining as we think sports is, the players don’t play to entertain, they play to win, because a lot is already at stake for them, after putting so much hard work, they couldn’t care less if you find them amusing or even challenging, they are there for the prize. So should you, don’t get married for the sake of it, don’t just write an exam if you think you are not ready, don’t manage anything, if its not good enough, then it is no good at all. Put your best or don’t play at all.

#6. PERSEVERANCE: Have you ever heard of an endurance walk, you are expected to walk for miles, without a necessary purpose or direction, the aim basically is to test your stamina, how much heat you are able to take.
Your stamina (whether mental, emotional or spiritual) is one thing that will definitely be tested in the race of life. Sometimes the storms of life become so unbearable and yet you are expected to bear it and even take it all in good stride. Your desire to get to the finish line, should keep you on track, no matter how long the race is, or how many hurdles you have to jump or even how strained your muscles are.

#7. TEAM SPIRIT: This I feel is the most Important, possibly for my own sentimental reasons. Remember that in the race of life, you are not the only participant, we ALL are running the same race, all members of the same team, and all running for the same but distinct prize. what do you do when you see your fellow team player down on the field? Logic will say run ahead and leave him there, but wisdom and the true spirit of championship requires you should stop and pick him up. Bearing in mind that the next fall may be yours. The ability to carry each other along is where the team spirit lies…TRUE VICTORY IS NOT HIM WHO WINS THE PRIZE, BUT HIM WHO WINS THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE! There is no sense using and exploiting people, because at the end of the day, we all need each other!

A careful study and implementation of these strategies will evidently make you a winner in life. Run your race as I run mine, and I do look forward to celebrating with you at the finish line!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Branding that 'New' Business!

A lot of talk about branding goes on in the corporate world, and little wonder it is so because research has proven that branding has been the source of the rise or fall of many business empires.
According to the Encarta dictionary, branding is the
identification of product with manufacturer: the use of advertising, distinctive design, and other means to make consumers associate a specific product with a specific manufacturer

It suffices to say therefore that branding is a way of playing to the sensibilities of a target market or an already existing market, in order to create a lasting impression of your product that will reflect in increased sales.
Anyway, the question is how to you create an impression/brand for a non-existing business, or better put, a business plan that is so young that it doesn’t even have a market yet? This is where I come in, I will share with you certain procedures, which are simple really and which will definitely aid you in creating a brand!
•First, we need to tell the market that we are around, how can you create an impression if they don’t even know you exist? How do we do this, ever heard of freelance? Yup! That’s the secret, make yourself free or so affordable, people are people, and free things just has its way of exciting and attracting us.

•Always deliver, the only other thing better that freebies, is when the freebies carries content. Every body wants a free doughnut but somehow everybody expects that the free doughnut doesn’t taste as nice as the ones we pay for, it’s all psych. Let them know that your doughnut is not just free, but it tastes even better. Give them for free the value they can’t get even where they pay.

•Deliver Content, but always leave them wanting more, wet their appetites, give them the impression that as good as it gets, you have more, better where it came from, always leave them curious.

•Be available, be accessible, and let your business have a personality, always apply to the sensibilities of your market. It won’t hurt to create a customer service relationship.

•Make yourself scarce, let them look for you; this must be after you are sure that you have warmed yourself into their hearts.

•Repackage yourself, not the content- at this stage, you may want to consult with an image designer of some sort, remember, don’t just create an image for impressions, but build an image that will last.

•Come out with a big bang-and name your price!

The Principle of Priority!

I have this cousin ( chidiebere) who is very dear to me, a comely fellow, focused and ambitious. OK maybe a bit too ambitious. I have to admit, he worries me a bit. Being of the Catholic Faith, he hopes to be a priest, he also wants to be a lawyer, a doctor, a professor, and then some.
It’s not that I have anything against him going after his dreams, I mean, it’s the very thing I profess. It’s also not that I doubt his competence to accomplish this feat, because I am of the opinion that human beings are created to be multifaceted, we have the capacity to do several things and play several roles-it’s all part of our intelligent makeup and it’s also one of the things that distinguish us from other animals.
Back to Chidiebere, the problem I have with him is that he is an ambitious but confused 17 year old. I have since concluded that his confusion is as a result of lack of priority, which is an evidence of the absence of goal setting.
Inasmuch as every one should Inculcate the I CAN mentality, Inasmuch as we are created to be multifaceted, Inasmuch as we want to go out there and change the world, we must understand that Excellence means setting several goals and hitting our targets, one at a time.
Now where does priority come in? Simple.Set the goals you want achieved, it doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as a career path, it could be a list of things you want to buy at the grocery store, or just plainly your to-do list. Place them in the order of their importance to you, or in the order of their immediate feasibility-we were thought in Economics that it is called, Scale of Preference.
This affords us the opportunity to focus on each target at a time, bearing in mind that general expertise is NO expertise!
The ability to prioritize is pivotal to achieving our set goals in life; unfortunately not many people know this. Over ambition is good, great in fact, but please, go after your ambitions, one after the other.
This may seem a bit difficult, especially if you are as helpless and naive as my cousin is. I’d like to help by proffering certain criteria you may like to consider in prioritizing your goals.
• Which is most important generally?
• Which is most important to you?
• Which is more feasible?
• Which is more affordable?
• Which is short term?
• Which is long term?

There is no specific mode for considering these criteria, examine them individually and consider the plan that best suits you; however I recommend that you start with the ones that can be achievable in less time. In exams we are told to always go for the easiest questions first; and I suggest you do the same!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Much of what we know about seeds is limited to those tiny little things we see in our fruits, and which we often throw away because we judge it by it’s size, it’s looks and the fact that it never tastes nice.
The seed as we see it is more than our minds perceive, the seed is the LIFE of every tree, and the essence of growth for all plants.
Now, I am not a farmer, neither am I a horticulturist, though you may doubt this having seen my previous article on laws of increase, but I will like to share with you a certain and distinct similarity between Trees and Man. The one thing we have in common-the seed element.

Let me start by saying that your seed element is the Greatness within you, your untapped potential which the world eagerly awaits.
Man like the seed is made and meant to reproduce, and I do not just mean biological reproduction, but one more qualified in terms of business, career, marriage, social structures and even governments.
For a Clearer understanding, I would like us to look at three basic features/ elements of the seed.

•The Size of the Seed:
Now we all know that the seed is the smallest component of a tree and it cannot compare in terms of size with the other parts of the tree, even the fruits which are relatively small are by far larger in size than the seed( I mean for most standard fruits).
However the size of the seed has nothing to do with the role in germination, in fact, it is one of the beauties of nature. Man on the other hand is an embodiment of seeds, and in fact a variety of them, the problem with man however is that we tend to judge our seeds by its size, makes me wonder, what ever happened to the slogan ‘great things come in small packages’ how often we forget this. Our seed, like I said in my previous article symbolizes our gifts, skills, qualifications, and in some cases a mere desire or passion. It doesn’t have to be substantive, it only has to exist, however small that idea is, don’t write it off, learn from the farmer and understand the potency of your seed.
The Tree for man is the end product, while the seed is our take off point, and like I always say, Dream big, start small and start now!!!

•The Mortality of the Seed:

Don’t get that look on your face because I said mortality, yes, mortality. The life giving aspect of the seed stems from it’s death, how do I explain this? Ok, look at it this way, a seed doesn’t really become anything more than a seed unless and until it is planted, (dead and buried), it is after this that germination really occurs. The same is actually applicable to Man, that idea will never really become anything more than an idea until you do something with it, same goes for your dreams, ambitions and aspirations, they will never really become a reality except you are ready to run with it and die for it. this is more on the metaphorical sense, but bringing it home, get ready to be laughed at, disbelieved, ridiculed, mocked and most importantly rejected, but don’t be dismayed because usually after the turmoil comes the light at the end of the tunnel. Bear in mind that its your seed, to be planted in a world full of thorns and weeds, but if you are resistant and persistent enough not to be discouraged, its only a matter of time before the light of the sun will bring nourishment to you.

•The Capacity of the seed:
This by far is my favorite because it encapsulates the very fact that the seed is way bigger that what we take it for. The seed has the capacity to produce not just any tree, but trees that will last.
The seed also has the capacity not to produce food for one, or for a unit, but for hundreds of thousands over time, Can you connect and appreciate this in the seed element of man? Lets do it together, as a man, our seeds are meant to last, we are not created to entertain mediocre ideas, but ideas that will sustain nations, and every skill, gift, qualification that you possess has the capacity for that if only you know how to plant it.
Secondly, inasmuch as the tree provides food for hundreds of thousands, we need to understand that our seed also is made not just to sustain ourselves or our families, but our nation and generations yet unborn.

Friday, May 28, 2010

5 ‘laws’ of INCREASE

The Earth as we know it, is designed in such a way that virtually every living thing has the element of growth. Right from the plants, insects, animals and up to human beings. This growth does not necessarily connote the physical advancement of living things, but refers to the innate ability of living and in some cases non living things to produce fruits of its kind. It is the law of productivity, the law of increase.
Increase is therefore a necessary and fundamental element for growth and success and there are certain laws that invariably govern the nature and extent of our increase.

1. Know thyself:
Knowledge of oneself is probably the most basic aspect of growth, every thing is created for growth, man, animals, ideas, nations, businesses, amongst others. Knowing thyself is more an issue of identity, knowing what you are made of and knowing what you are made for, knowing what you want out of life, knowing how far you are willing to go, knowing the extent of your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, knowing that you were created for increase, your ideas, plans, passion and ambitions are designed for growth. It’s a crime for you to be in one place for too long, it’s the law against stagnation!

2. Know thy seed:
The seed is the most potent tool for growth in the hands of the farmer, and so it is with every other human being. The thing about seed is that it reproduces after its kind, I mean no one plants an orange seed and expects an almond harvest.
Seed here refers to your gifts, skills, experience, expertise, qualifications. Another thing about seeds is that you don’t keep your seeds, they are for planting, and so are your skills!

3. Know thy soil:
As valuable as a seed is, it can easily be destroyed if it is not planted in the right soil. The soil is extremely important because it provides the right atmosphere and temperature for growth. In relation to us humans, it derives in our knowing our area of competence as against the society we wish to plant or invest. Fish doesn’t struggle to swim in water, birds don’t struggle to fly, this is because their environment/point of relevance is compatible with their seed structure.
Understanding your soil saves you time, energy and prevents you from making investments in an atmosphere that is not conducive for your seed, on the other hand, it could also empower you to know the necessary amendments and alterations to make in order for the system to be more accommodating to your seed.

4. Understand the times and the seasons:
Life is governed by times and seasons, from birth to death, everything fluctuates from one temperature to another. From spring, winter, autumn, and summer. Nothing is constant, it’s a law of nature, the best people to understand this is the brokers who study the stock market, and as a law of Increase, we must have an understanding of our planting seasons, know when to take off, know when to hold back, and most importantly be patient, always bearing in mind that the rainy season which often look like the messiest season of the year, is the season that yields the growth!

5. Make room for the harvest:
One thing we need to know is that there is no hard and fast rule for when the harvest will come. This all depends on the nature of the seed that was planted, the peculiarities of the soil, the weather conditions etc, having understood this, make enough room for the harvest so that when it finally comes you will have room for it. Prepare in advance for that big business break by getting an office or warehouse, if you hope to travel out, procure a passport, if you want an academic qualification, buy the forms and study for the exams, always be prepared , that way the harvest doesn’t catch you by surprise!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I struggled with Insecurity for most of my teenage years, always having this misconceived notion that I was not good enough, didn’t look good enough or didn’t score high enough grades. The worse was how I felt about my appearance, thinking back now; I can’t imagine how I could have been so shallow as to have a fundamental Problem with the shape of my head, the size of my nose amongst others.

It is perhaps this experience that has led me to share with you how I have been able to conquer and still am combating low self esteem and ultimately build my self confidence. I hope these 3 steps will be helpful!

Don’t deny, rather acknowledge:

Life is full of limitations. The world constantly screams YOU CAN’T, we were not given the opportunity to choose the way we look, or the circumstances of our birth.
The most fundamental step to improving your self confidence is to acknowledge your limitations, the moment you do that, the situation will be half solved. There is no point living in denial, the first thing a crippled man has to do is to acknowledge the fact that he has no legs…this admission will invariably lead him to ask the question, what next?

Don’t change, rather accept:

So what if your life is clouded with one or two limitations? Everyone has something that they had rather have or not have. You can’t change you, so accept you for you. Believe that you are the best you that there can be(let me hear you say it) YES, have a faith mentality. There is only one custom made, tailor designed you. You may not be perfect but at least you are an original. Don’t copy people, resist the crowd, believe in yourself and the world will believe you.

Don’t ignore, rather improve:

The fact that you have learnt to love and accept yourself does not leave room for mediocrity. The limitations are still there, you cannot change it but you definitely can improve it.
Aspire to be better, the world requires it of you! Take those limitations and work them out for your greatest advantage. Here are a few tips; dress good, speak well, read wide-knowing something others do not know can go a long way to boost your self esteem, work harder, be better, go an extra mile and most importantly, stand taller in the midst of the crowd!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Building Successful Relationships!

I always pride myself in the fact that I am a people person, which is why I find it puzzling when I can barely count people I can call on with the tip of my fingers. this got me thinking and well it has inspired this writeup. so here its is......
Don't just make friends, Build Relationships! and ones that will last too. Behind every great man is a woman,...and a network of relationships built over the years.
First thing we need to understand is that No one is an island, and I mean NOBODY. People need people and you can never be self made otherwise you will be self destruct.
When I say build relationships, I mean it in the real architectural sense. let's take a look, but I must warn you,I am no architect so there is no particular order.

  • LAY A GOOD FOUNDATION: like they say, first impressions last the longest. 2 things:
what do people think when they meet you for the first time?
what do you want people to think when they meet you for the first time?

Appearances actually do matter, it's called packaging, lay a good foundation for your networks, I mean, if you are going to be remembered, it might as well be for good.right?

Having worked on your foundation, the next logical thing is to put up a good structure. what designs do you want for your building? you have to know what you want from any relationship. Smart people usually meet a person for the first time and know instantly whether they want them for social network or business network. whichever the case may be, know the structure of the relationship you want to build and start putting it's designs in place.
Usually raw materials means expenditure and that connotes Investment. don't be afraid to spend on people, it's afterall an investment that may yield a life time, who knows? lol.
In investing, try not to spend too much so you dont appear suspicious and try not to spend too little so you don't appear stingy.
Spend as much as you can manage on your relationships and friends to let them know that you value and appreciate them.
Put the blocks in place, this connotes manual labour, but in our case it may not be physical, but we work to appeal to the sentiment of the other person. sacrifice is heavy, but it is a neccessary block in building.
Note that you build yourself as well as the relationship, learn how to keep a secret, give a favour, be there when it matters, always show that you care, that you can be trusted and slowly warm your way into the heart of the person.
Some people do this at the early stage of construction, but develop it when the actual building is complete. it's tantamount to Gating...having worked so hard on your relationship, you don't want to leave it open and vulnerable to intruders.
Protect your interest, people are worth fighting for, friends are worth keeping, you just have to determine the ones that are worth the while and go for them.

P.S Maintenance of every building is neccessary and in this case it is entirely up to you!


I remember as a little girl of age six, I was taken to the beach by my soon to be step mom, who had the best of intentions. To cut this story short, I was playing by the sea shore when all of a sudden a wave came and took me away.

I definitely remember what it felt like at age six to think I was dying, and I was, when suddenly I felt a grip on my wrist, felt my self taking an involuntary U-turn and then found myself on the bank of the sea.

A lot of years have gone by since the incident but I can't help but wonder why I was given a new lease of life, what most people refer to as a second chance.

My story is not perculiar, almost everyone has been given a second chance in life in one aspect or another, It may not be as dramatic as mine was, but whether it's in a past relationship, a broken marraige or a missed opportunity, Life has a way or throwing us in situations where we have the opportunities to remedy our mistakes.

Now what baffles me is not the second chance that is presented to us, but the fact that despite this second chance,we repeat the same mistakes made earlier.

As men and women in a failing society, chances are that some of our plans won't work and the ones that work won't go according to plan, but rather than beat ourselves over this, we should realize that every disapointment and every failure brings with itself an opportunity to do it again and to do it better.

So, whether it's a new lease of life, a career path or the choices we made in times past, let us always bear in mind that the second time is often the better time!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

TEN Highly effective habits of successful people(part 2)

I often wonder to myself why men find it so hard to ask for road directions especially when it is so obvious that they are could be attributed to thier ego, whatever the reason is, it is just not right.
Nobody is self made, and I mean NOBODY! Asking may seem trivial to an ordinary mind but to the Great mind it is a potent weapon that sets you on edge over your contempoaries. don't just make your decisions, I know it's your life but ask around. afterall it is said that'in the mouth of many there is counsel
Finally, bear in mind that Inquiry precedes Direction, Direction precedes Purpose and Purpose precedes Relevance. so ask a question today!

The thing about mistakes is that you will have to be real silly to make the same mistake more than once which unfortunately, most of us do.
Mistakes is very fundamental to growth. no Genius ever gets it right the very first time.
Don't be afraid to fall, fail, or do it again.Persistence is the key phrase here.
Mistakes are actually good, it's the inability to learn from our mistakes that is bad!

Pause, think back, how often do you say thank you for nothing?
The heart of gratitude is the heart of hope and the thing about being thankful is that it doesn't have to be for any particular reason.
Always find an excuse to appreciate your spouse, children, parents, friends, Life and your Maker. this gratitude is synonymous with optimism, always find a reason to smile and say thank you, even in the midst of the storm!
True Greatness starts in being grateful for the tiniest things.

What most people call faith, question is, what is that thing you believe in? everyone has at least one thing that they believe in, something they will always vouch for, and something they will be willing to die for. some other people refer to it as passion.
What you believe in brings passion and passion is a driver, it just keeps pushing you to that desirable height of success.
Anybody can get to the top, but passion for what you believe in is what keeps you there. To be truly successful, you must be passionate!

If you are able to master the nine habits above, you are well on your way to the top, except for one thing; this is Life and in life there is no 100% guarantee except you want to believe a lie.
I believe that the earth is designed by a superior being, often referred to by many as GOD.
True success starts by acknowledging him and submitting yourself to him in prayer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

TEN Highly effective habits of successful people(PART 1)

A peculiarity of every great man is the ability to look. the concept of looking cannot be abstract because you can't look at nothing.
Looking entails fixing your gaze on something-the power of focus.never really being satisfied with where you are, the eyes of your heart always looking for more, more opportunities,more ideas, more possibilities.
Looking is tantamount to zeal...Look because it's only in looking that you find!

Ever heard the phrase 'look,what do you see'? maybe not. but it presupposes that looking and seeing are two different things altogether.
seeing, I'll describe as the evidence of's almost synonymous to discovery.ten people can look at a particular thing or direction and only five of them get to see potential.
It's the power of vision, to experience this, position yourself to look from the right's called perspectve.
Successful people dont just look for opportunities, they see the best or rather greater potential and go for it!

Growing up in high school was fun,we were bombarded with so many phrases,one of which I remember'if you fail to plan,then you plan to fail' it's actually self explanatory.
After seeing an opportunity, what next? it's only logical you organize things, what some people call strategizing.
Deligence is the key phrase here,if you are not consistent,it's only a matter of time before you crash!

A great woman(Bimbo Odukoya) once said'if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything'
How do you stand? just stand, don't stagger, don't stumble, you simply stand.
Grammarians may like to refer to it as resilience or being resolute, whichever you prefer, bear in mind that if you must attain that height of success,you must stand stubbornly for what you believe!

Don't be confused, I mean the scattering in relation to a farmer and his seeds. He understands that to yield a harvest, the seed must die,so he scatters his seed in anticipation for the harvest.
Scattering therefore entails letting go in return of a reward that cannnot be quantified in terms of value.
A truly great man or woman never passes up an opportunity to scatter/invest, so keep scattering, keep investing and know that the greatest asset you can invest in is a human being.
Believe in people, believe in their dreams and invest in them!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Break Out: from everything and every one who ever told you no, you can't, why, how, impossible or even's never been done before.

Break forth: go forward, launch out, make progress,be proactive, do something and follow your dreams.

Break through: don't stop, keep moving, yes, I know the limitations are there, the stumbling blocks, discouragements,social structures, stereotypes but dont you dare stop till you break through and eventually break in to DESTINY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


More than a feeling of contentment, a sense of pride or a nod of approval....
It's a feeling of sheer bliss, and yet, deeper than a feeling.
It's antecedents are Joy, Peace...yes, laughter even in labour.
It's fruit is a good night's sleep after a day of hard work
It's value is so rare, men of means can't afford it
Like a reward, it is often bestowed on men of understanding.
How far will I go, how long will it take...for it is the search of a lifetime.
Who then is the man that seeks satisfaction? It is he who finds Joy in the work of his hands,
Not in the perfection of the work,
Not in the completion of the task,
Not in the fruits sought to be yielded,
but the work of his hands!