Sunday, September 19, 2010

HAKUNA MATATA( our problem free philosophy)

Let’s face it, Problems are not just a part of our living, they are a birth right! We are a set of problematic people, born into a problematic world and in a problematic era for that matter. Oh yes, we inherit some of these problems, create quite an amount for ourselves, and then bequeath a good portion of the problem legacy to our children.

By the way, a problem is a situation that poses to be difficult, it may threaten to be harmful or just plain inconvenient, whichever the case is, we don’t want them, but we are stuck with them.
Still speaking on problems, we should understand that although they come in different packages, the content is generally the same, for instance, it could be an annoying boss, child, friend, job, car, health condition, finances, the list is endless, basically if you don’t like it but your stuck with it, then it’s a problem.
Why do we have problems? Oh that’s easy, problems are the platforms that propel us to our desired height of victory. We need to look beyond the situation that challenges us, and see the opportunity that lies therein, for instance, if darkness wasn’t a problem, Thomas Edison wouldn’t have had the need to invent the light bulb.
Now I don’t have a problem with problems, there is just no point, we are stuck here, with everything around us rigging of problems needing to be solved and if you have noticed, I have been speaking in general terms, meaning there is NO exclusion. We all are involved and affected. I have a far bigger contention which is…
How do we deal with problems? That’s easy too. We deal with problems by philosophy, oh yes, philosophy. My recent discovery…Problems respond to philosophy. Please don’t get confused just yet, I’ll explain myself.
I don’t mean the philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, reality and existence, I’m referring to the philosophy that deals with the system of thought or thought process of a particular set of people, example the natural law philosophers and so on.
Back to my point, there are several philosophies( system of thought) that we can use to deal, handle and manage our problems. Some of them are

• Fear- that’s right, just go ahead, hide, retreat, cower back in shame, but you know what, this philosophy attracts problems big time and for a longer period too.

• Anger- according to oxford dictionary, it is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure and hostility. Sure, anger is a good way to handle your problems, especially if you want to end up like Adolph Hitler, who channeled his anger from a drunk and abusive father, the untimely death of his mother and his rejection in the German school of art, to acquiring and accumulating military prowess that almost destroyed world peace.

• Habits-yes, habits always solved the problem, right? I mean, you get into a bad relationship or things don’t work out as planned, and we fall into drugs, just to get your mind off things, except that when your minds gets back from the trip, guess who’s waiting? Mr. Problem.

• Inhumanity, yes just like Idi amin, take out your problems on people by being cruel and inhumane, but remember, you may not last as long as he did and it definitely doesn’t make you a problem solver.

• Hakuna matata-this as you may suspect is my best philosophy. The Swahili coined phrase simply means no worries. Unfortunately few people understand and employ this tactic, myself inclusive. A life without problems is not attainable, but a life without worries is.
The worry free mind doesn’t deny the existence of the problem, rather it looks at it with the eyes of hope, not with the resignation of impending defeat but with the realization that Life is too short and time is too costly to waste both worrying about a problem that at best has a solution somewhere and at worst, was not designed to drown you.

So you decide, what’s your problem free philosophy???

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