Saturday, September 4, 2010

Living with Rats!!!

From my experience (in this area which is quite vast), rodents are presumably the most annoying set of crawling creatures in the whole wide world, and that includes the World Wide Web.

I mean, they visit un-invited, barge into your privacy, and stay even though they are not welcome. I’m not even talking about their nuisance value, destructive by nature, slimy and boy, are they stinkers.
The worst of these breed in my view, are the Rats.
Now rats, (am guessing), are the no.1 household nuisance, virus and enemy of most houses in Lagos, Nigeria, and contrary to what people think, it doesn’t matter where you live; be it in the suburbs or the slums, they are everywhere.
At this point, I’m sure you are wondering what the point of this write up is? Well, follow me closely.


1. Where do rats come from?

2. Shouldn’t they have a community of their own?

3. Why do we have to condone them?

Not being a zoologist and all, I can’t answer the first two, but the answer to the third question is a definite NO. Nobody has to and should condone a rat.
You know what is even more annoying than these rats? The people who share the same features with them, yes- the people-rats!

Their features again;

1. they visit un-invited

2. they barge into your privacy

3. they stay even when they are not welcome.

Can you place a name or a face?

4. they constitute a nuisance

5. destructive by nature: all they want to do is use up all your stuff, take up all you’ve got, and remain a liability.

For clarifications, I am not a nasty person, nor am I harsh; I’m only trying to be blunt and educative.
Back to the lesson, I want to share with you four reasons why you shouldn’t condone rats and people-rats.
• In condoning a rat or a people-rat, you leave yourself and your environment dirty and polluted. The saying that bad company corrupts good manners is still true. If you leave them around you long enough, it’s only a matter of time before you start to conform to the environment, and we do not want anything to sabotage our excellent spirit.
• If you condone a rat or a people-rat, you are giving a definite license to destruction.-their gossiping and lies can destroy your relationships, your state of mind and even your homes.
• If you condone a rat or a people-rat, be prepared to stink! Yup, real rats stink, dead or alive, and if you keep up with these people of such poor character traits like lack of integrity, morals or ethics, people may pick up their scent, and attribute it to you.
• If you condone a rat or people –rat, it’s only a matter of time before your health starts deteriorating. You can lose your peace of mind from their too much nagging, lose your self esteem from their criticizing and you can even lose some weight because they will literally feed off you.
So you see why you shouldn’t condone a rat, and a people-rat. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your environment and you owe it to the eco-system!


  1. really creative....

  2. Thanks Don, and I'm hoping its educative as well!