Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Effects of Pain killers

Pain, an unpleasant sensory experience, has been described to be the most common reason for medical consultation, it is a major symptom in medical conditions and can significantly interfere with a persons quality of life.

Whether it’s a headache, a sprained ankle, or a burn from kitchen work, science has taught man that he does not need to condone pain, hence the advent of pain killers, right? Well, wrong!
Let me tell you something about pain, it is usually but not always the symptom of a bigger and often more complex medical condition. So you see, science in all its research, theory and experiment can only come up with a temporary relief, never a lasting cure. how ever lets not get into that argument.
My point is that your local aspirin, whether its ibrupofen, buscopan or good old panadol, can at best offer you a temporary relief, example, you can stop the headache but does it stop the malaria?
I will share with you certain features of these our so called pain killers that we all should know.

1. It serves as a distraction. Oh yes, it takes your mind off the main problem at hand, never really giving you the opportunity for a proper diagnosis and procuring a lasting relief.

2. It gives the problem or condition room to grow, because if you are not killing bacteria, then it’s spreading in you.

3. It always wears off eventually, again, emphasis is placed on the temporary nature of relief it proffers. The pain always comes back because the source is still there.

4. Last but not least, too much of it, like an overdose for instance, goes straight to your kidney and kills( guess who?)

Now, enough of this medical gibberish. The point I am trying to make or emphasize is on the pain killers we employ to tackle emotional, psychological and even spiritual hurts.
Just in case you fall into the pain killer group, I’m not too sure the brand you employ, whether it is alcohol, sex, bad habits, lies amongst others, the simple truth is that it never takes away the problem.
Getting drunk to escape an emotional turmoil doesn’t solve anything, eventually you become sober and reality sets in, sleeping with that man is not going to solve the communication problem between the two of you, and lying does not make you more believable or acceptable.
Now, like I mentioned earlier, these so called pain killers, no matter the brand you employ do not solve the problem, at best they only proffer a temporary relief, allow the problems to get compounded, make you addicted and then eventually, they kill you!


  1. Nice...

    Pain killers just block the pain signals from reaching the nerves. If the message doesn't get to the nerve, our brain won't receive the pain signals. This buys us some time to concentrate, seek diagnosis & solutions.

    Alas, most people waste these crucial moments on ultimately less important things...Sigh. Tell ‘em Tochi...

    On the emotional side, not everyone’s pain threshold is the same. A lot lack the courage & willpower...they’re just not strong enough to keep moving forward without a crutch of some sort. There are people who wouldn’t survive this night without their emotional painkillers, let those with heavy hearts drink and remember their misery no more...

    The God of Hope will awaken them tomorrow...and give them strength.


  2. Ozion,nice perspective. well articulated though i may disagree a little with the heavy heart drinking...
    you leave me curious, are you a writer or coach of some sort?