Friday, September 3, 2010


If you have ever attended or in the least bit watched a masquerade ball, then you will agree with me that it is quite an interest to the eye. It generates a certain kind of excitement or mystery of not being able to tell who is behind that mask, However, If you come right down to it, that is all there is to it…the Entertainment! It proffers no logic at all, I mean, why would anyone take the pains of attending a dinner, getting a beautiful dress or suit, getting your hair and make up all done, only to cover it up in a mask…it’s simply beyond me to understand this great fashion mystery that have spanned centuries. We might as well just wear rags then cover our faces so people don’t recognize us. The simple but truthful fact is that people who need to wear masks are often people with something to hide, and that includes zorro!

Life on the other hand is one big masquerade ball, and we are all in default attendance. It provides the perfect platform because no one really knows what is in the heart and mind of the person standing next to him. We wine and dine with people of questionable character and morals, we live amongst thieves and fraudsters, sometimes we even marry them and start families with them, all the while, without the slightest inclination as to their true identity.
A Man can wear a mask for entertainment, but nothing beats the disguise of a man who pretends.
Pretense is the ability to portray yourself as something that you are not , it is the highest form of deceit and has existed as long as time.
However un-justifiable these pretenders are, there is a worse a lot, for to wear a mask to deceive others, I can understand is simply wickedness but to deceive oneself… that is sickening, a symptom of a mental deficiency that is rummaging our society today.
A lot of us have been scarred by the harsh experiences of life and if only we will take of our masks we will soon recognize one or two of our scars on the body of our contemporizes and friends.
Now, like I said earlier, life, here on earth, is one big event, a masquerade ball with an enormous attendance. Who then is the man that will dare to be different, to be distinct and peculiar? Who will dare attend the ball without a mask?? I’ll tell you a little about him…

• He is a Man with a good strength of character, he will not cheapen himself by gaining from others through deceit, more so he will not cheat himself by self deceit.

• He is a Man with a strong sense of confidence, he refuses to be vulnerable to people, he is not ashamed of the scars he obtained in his journey of life, and he is not afraid of what people will think when they see his scars.

• He is a Man who is Identity Conscious, he knows his strengths and weaknesses, yet he wants to be seen and accepted for who he truly is.

Do you dare to be this Man??? Then take away your mask of pretense and give the world the honor of knowing the real you!


  1. Hey I like Zorro, lol...& I love the write-up

    However it's always easy to take off the mask, it’s not a process to be rushed for a lot of some have woven it into their skin and to tug at it brings pain. Easing it off will take great courage, removing it altogether will take a lot of the butterfly struggling to get free of its cocoon they cannot be helped...must not be helped. Some like me needed its protection as we evolved, transcended to the point where we are now comfortable with ourselves, with our strengths, gifts and weaknesses, and have now accepted ourselves for who we are...understanding completely why we are here.

    I pray for grace and strength to take of the mask & step into the light.


  2. beautiful Ozion, simply beautiful.thanks for sharing. and oh, I like zorro too!