my poetry


You are enthroned on high
You reign above the stars

You are robed in majesty
Who can challenge your dynasty?

You dwell amidst glory
Yours is a never ending story

You put on the garment of light
I’m tripped by your power and might

You are high up there
We are low down here

Yet you dwell in the heart of men
Almost like Daniel in the lion’s den

What then do we give?
Apart from how we live

More than substance, we give our last
All our troubles, to you we cast

Rarer that silver, rarer than gold
Brighter and brighter, your glory unfolds

And once again, with sincerity of heart
I declare to men, you are enthroned on high.


Heartbreak and heartache daily surround us
Earthquakes of the ancient have laid their marks on us
No longer do the young bury their old
No longer from our lips do truths unfold
Men cease to dream, for to them hope is lost
Women arise in tow but simply can’t bear the cost
The nations are in uproar
Corruption on the increase
The soldiers have grown weak, the warriors have lost heart
Who then will bear the cost of the destinies of our children yet unborn?
When the hope of man seems hopeless
And the tears of children are always heard
Tales of woes and songs of foes
The fire burns and we feel the heat
But NO, NO, NO,
We choose to believe
Of a hope yet untold
And a story yet unsold
For in the midst of the madness, we face the uncertainty of life and with the eyes of FAITH we dare to take a glimpse at tomorrow and alas


Once upon a time, in the age of life,
There was a girl whose name was Destiny.
 She lived on Great street.
Her time had come and she had to shine,
So she went into the world to buy some light,
But on the road of truth,
She met a man, his name was deceit.
‘Your journey seems so far’ he says, I know a shorter route.
‘Tell me then, that I may be on my way’ she answers
For her time had come, and shine she must!
And so he leads her, through the route of mistakes,
This short route, isn’t so short after all
The night had come and they had to wait,
So off they go, into the house of delay
Suddenly the door is locked, she is trapped in,
With no where to go and no light to shine,
She realizes her fate, and is remorseful for her haste
In the process of time, she had almost given up,
But the desire to shine kept nudging her on.
‘There must be a way out’ the tiny voice sings.
Then and there, she sees it, a crack on the wall
With a lot of effort, she pushes her way through,
And though the pain cost her, this is something she must do
For she was born to win, and that no man can steal!


  1. wow tochi i'm tripped...u rily are blessed.keep doing dis gurl.God bless u.

  2. nice work tochi.... keep it up...
    kelechi from facebook.

  3. Wow, I never knew you wrote there is a deep well of wisdom underneath you sweet smiles...keep sharing...