Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was reading the story of Esau selling his birthright as accounted n Genesis 25, and I must admit, I felt a sense of pity for him. I mean, what could possibly have been the crime of a young man who had been out all day in pursuit of his livelihood, who comes home ravenous with hunger and is assaulted by the heady sensation of his brother’s of stew. What is  the moral justification for a man, whose scheming mind and devious trickery, plotted to cheat his brother out of his birth right?
By the way, this is not me seeking to embark on a blasphemous expedition, Jacob na my guy, so un-alarm your minds. However, I’m just saying that on the face of things, Esau’s actions could almost easily be justified. So the question is…why? Why does an action that is fraught with reason completely lack in godly justification? I sat pondering, not completely understanding, trying not to validate his fate or endorse his supposed judgment, I only sought the wisdom behind the turn of events.
The maiden name of settlement, the bridge between your standard and what is obtainable, a thin rope that makes desire parallel with logic, a bending of truths and concession of values. In my mind’s understanding, compromise simply means selling your future for today’s fleeting pleasures, a sentence which depicts Esau’s very deed.
In today’s age of enlightenment, compromise has become a logically acceptable platform for any kind of actualization, whether in our government, business and even in our relationships. The earth is fraught with structures that make us believe that we can’t always have what we want and so life situations teach us to trade in our values, “if the plan will not work, why don’t you bend it a little”.
Unfortunately, for the believer, compromise is an abominable conduct, it is the vehicle you drive on the road to disaster, it is a reflection of watery convictions and it invalidates your faith. Compromise is a major trick of the devil, his weapon of suggestive manipulation. He tells a young lady to sell her values by sleeping with a man in order to keep him, thereby compromising the virtue of sexual chastity. GOD gives us a vision of our future, a standard he expects of us through his word, yet we perambulate about with the idea that godly virtue is an impossible task.
Compromise is the absence of Faith,  we trade In our innermost desires and deride ourselves with notions of being realistic, if Esau knew God enough, he would have realized that his hunger would not have killed him, in that it was merely a temporary inconvenience testing the responsibility of his faith. I don’t know what it is that you have been holding out for, stand strong on belief and do not dare to look back on the temporary road of convenience. God despises our compromise, stand on his word and the veracity of its truth.
Believe God…against all odds!!!
With dexterous faith and relentless hope
© Tochi Eze
September 20, 2011

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  1. Nice piece Dearie.
    COMPLACENCY, as I've always defined, is settling for MEDIOCRITY when one is yet to be a true SUCCESS in REALITY. Just a little further step and many would have arrived their heights of true fulfilment.
    How well INSIGHT strengthens FAITH, but ONSIGHT fuels FEAR. That was Mr. Esau's problem. With no food in view, he would have survived the momentary hunger. That's waht PATIENCE helps us for: to outgrow challenges.