Monday, September 26, 2011


I read a note recently titled ‘Depression is a tool’ by John Igbinovia…brilliant piece I must say. it sent my mind on a voyage of recollection of past experiences, thus inspiring this write up.
I often ask myself; how did I get to this point? I once would not have imagined that it was possible to live a life without depression and mood swings. I mean, my emotions would toss, turn, squeeze and rumple me at will, as a teenager, my heart was perpetually plagued by dismay, I walked around with a burdened perspective of life and an overwhelming sense of defeat, I was angry, bitter and often very depressed.
Let me start by saying, without respect to what the books on psychology and psychotherapy say, there is no excuse logical enough upon which we can premise the existence of depression, it is usually not because of some gigantic mountain you think you may be facing, there are some people who by chance have been lavished with life’s generous benefits, yet they seldom experience the genuinty of a carefree smile…Depression is a deeply rooted evil that latches unto your mind by disguising itself in the subtle appearance of your heart’s burden. It is an enemy of destiny and a strategy of the kingdom of darkness. Her ultimate goal is to steal your Joy and dash your hopes, for indeed man cannot thrive without hope anymore than fish can survive without water. She has lured great men to heights of instability, complacency and dejection,  often driving them to seek escape in alcohol and such other wanton behavior, she takes your eyes off God’s purpose for you and places it on your person, Self pity and sorrow thus becomes familiar companions.
Oh, what trickery, what sly deceit,  that a man created to be a god, with leadership and dominion, should begin to feel sorry for himself. Fortunately, this defeatist syndrome can be curbed and cured with proactive measures till at last it loses it’s sway over you. Below are some strategies that I have personally employed:
  •  A HEART OF PRAISE:  it is impossible to be angry and joyful by the same person, to the same degree and at the same time. Praise turns on the light bulb in the darkness, it sets your heart on a quest of hope, it focuses on God and therefore takes your mind off yourself. It is a potent weapon of warfare, and do not deride yourself with notions that you have to feel like it. Life may knock you down, but it can’t steal the melody in your heart…that is your exclusive right.
  • A COUNTENANCE OF JOY: this naturally flows from your praise, be industrious when it comes to trading in your sorrows, Joy is a deliberate act of faith, often defying logic. You really don’t need a reason to be happy…be happy anyway! Perhaps you just came out of a break up, you feel a tad overweight, business is not going as expected or you are just tired of sending out job applications, resist the allure of a heavy spirit. When it get’s dark, don’t get gloomy, count the stars! Look for the beauties around you, no one is without a benefit, hold your head up high and act like you own the world…like they say, fake it until you take it. Joy releases a certain form of attraction on you and positions you for increase.
  •  A SPIRIT OF LOVE: love is the ultimate tool of victory, the perfect antidote of self pity, anger and bitterness. While praise will get your focus on God, love will get your focus on people. Scripture posits that perfect love casts out fear. Love is the light that dispels the darkness, it is a language that evil cannot understand, it fills your heart with peace and gives your heart something to hold unto, love takes your mind off the pain and crowns your joy with renewed strength and confidence. A spirit/heart of love always seeks what it will do for others and not what others can do for it. End your quest for blessings and start to be a channel through which others may be blessed. You get the highest gratification, when you dare to live for others.
  • A TENACIOUS FAITH:  Faith is the substance of your hope, a hope of continuity, a hope of victory and a hope of restorations.  Your faith is your resolve to continue inspite of your tears. The tenacity of your faith is a direct reflection of your knowledge of God and exposure to his word, find out what God says about your situation and corroborate his word with your words. If you see as he sees, and speak as he speaks, it is only a matter of time, you will be as he be! This is our certain reality that no temptation exists which was designed to consume us.  Let your emotions conform to the will of God, give him complete reliance, resting your back on the cushion of his love, casting your cares and surrendering your worries…Faith keeps your head afloat.
  • A HABIT OF PRAYER: Paul speaking says that the weapons of our warfare are mighty in battle, to the pulling down of strongholds and casting down imaginations and all other things that raises itself against the knowledge of God. Prayer is Power for Purpose. It s our sphere if influence where we create our desired future by spilling forth mysteries in the spirit. Prayer equips you to stand strong in the face of adversity.
I do not presume to be an authority on the above subject matter, but I do have the boast of one with tested experience and overcoming victory. Depression has lost it’s sway over me since I embraced the above realities, it has become an echo from a very distant past, and to that effect, anyone can overcome depression.

With love, a huge smile and a piece of apple
© Tochi EZE
26TH September 2011.

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