Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Champions League

The U.E.F.A have consistently conducted the champions league since 1955, they have succeeded not only in improving the quality of football appreciation worldwide, not even in the entertainment they provide to all football lovers albeit sometimes life threatening, but also in generating economic wealth for governments. It is considerably the most watched sporting event in world history generating an average of 100 million viewers. However, I do not wish to concern myself with the UEFA, I want to bring to your notice another sport, if one might call it that , where the top players are referred to as the champions league.

It is called the race of life, and the players here who have and can master the rules of the game and apply them are referred to as champions.
According to the oxford dictionary, a champion is a person who has surpassed all rivals in a sporting contest, and like I mentioned earlier this particular sport is called the race of life.
Now, in this sport, recruitment is not done annually but daily, per second for that matter. A lot of people participate, about 6 billion actually but only a handful emerge as champions, and I’ll tell you why. It is because they possess certain qualities that every sports man must possess. Let us consider some of these qualities.

1. Skill: oh yes, this people are a set of creative and innovative kind of people. They are incredibly smart, knowledgeable in the affairs of life and always looking to improve their skills by seeking for wisdom.
2. Strength: one of the strongest tools of any sportsman is his strength, the field is not a place for sissies, neither is the track, these champions have a peculiar kind of strength though, they rely not just on natural ability but on the supernatural capacity of a divine God. They understand the phrase ‘the horse is prepared for battle, but deliverance is of the Lord.
3. Passion: to take away passion from a player is to take away the life from the game. Passion is always the reason why we go that extra mile. These champions understand passion, they stand for what they believe in and they believe in what they stand for.
4. Focus: the ultimate focus of any player is to score the goal, hit the target or cross the finish line. Again my champions know this too well, that is why they can’t afford distractions, they won’t allow the fleeting pleasures of life to keep them from finishing well.
5. Team spirit: The peculiarity of this sport, is that it is a race where everyone runs for the finishing line, but only the true champions carry others along. A true champion never enjoys any victory without people by his side!
My name is Tochi Eze, I am a champion and I want you to join my champions league!

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  1. There's nothing else to say...Sign me up!!!

    Writer: Yes, Coach: Ha ha (Seriously: Never thought about it before)

    I really love and agree completely with what you're doing, I would like to keep posting comments if you don't mind.

    Please, whatever you do, don't stop. Keep changing the world, one word at at a time...