Sunday, May 23, 2010


I remember as a little girl of age six, I was taken to the beach by my soon to be step mom, who had the best of intentions. To cut this story short, I was playing by the sea shore when all of a sudden a wave came and took me away.

I definitely remember what it felt like at age six to think I was dying, and I was, when suddenly I felt a grip on my wrist, felt my self taking an involuntary U-turn and then found myself on the bank of the sea.

A lot of years have gone by since the incident but I can't help but wonder why I was given a new lease of life, what most people refer to as a second chance.

My story is not perculiar, almost everyone has been given a second chance in life in one aspect or another, It may not be as dramatic as mine was, but whether it's in a past relationship, a broken marraige or a missed opportunity, Life has a way or throwing us in situations where we have the opportunities to remedy our mistakes.

Now what baffles me is not the second chance that is presented to us, but the fact that despite this second chance,we repeat the same mistakes made earlier.

As men and women in a failing society, chances are that some of our plans won't work and the ones that work won't go according to plan, but rather than beat ourselves over this, we should realize that every disapointment and every failure brings with itself an opportunity to do it again and to do it better.

So, whether it's a new lease of life, a career path or the choices we made in times past, let us always bear in mind that the second time is often the better time!

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  1. Tochi, its like preaching the gospel that emphasizes the righteous falling and rising 7 times.

    Profound insight, keep it running.