Monday, May 24, 2010


I struggled with Insecurity for most of my teenage years, always having this misconceived notion that I was not good enough, didn’t look good enough or didn’t score high enough grades. The worse was how I felt about my appearance, thinking back now; I can’t imagine how I could have been so shallow as to have a fundamental Problem with the shape of my head, the size of my nose amongst others.

It is perhaps this experience that has led me to share with you how I have been able to conquer and still am combating low self esteem and ultimately build my self confidence. I hope these 3 steps will be helpful!

Don’t deny, rather acknowledge:

Life is full of limitations. The world constantly screams YOU CAN’T, we were not given the opportunity to choose the way we look, or the circumstances of our birth.
The most fundamental step to improving your self confidence is to acknowledge your limitations, the moment you do that, the situation will be half solved. There is no point living in denial, the first thing a crippled man has to do is to acknowledge the fact that he has no legs…this admission will invariably lead him to ask the question, what next?

Don’t change, rather accept:

So what if your life is clouded with one or two limitations? Everyone has something that they had rather have or not have. You can’t change you, so accept you for you. Believe that you are the best you that there can be(let me hear you say it) YES, have a faith mentality. There is only one custom made, tailor designed you. You may not be perfect but at least you are an original. Don’t copy people, resist the crowd, believe in yourself and the world will believe you.

Don’t ignore, rather improve:

The fact that you have learnt to love and accept yourself does not leave room for mediocrity. The limitations are still there, you cannot change it but you definitely can improve it.
Aspire to be better, the world requires it of you! Take those limitations and work them out for your greatest advantage. Here are a few tips; dress good, speak well, read wide-knowing something others do not know can go a long way to boost your self esteem, work harder, be better, go an extra mile and most importantly, stand taller in the midst of the crowd!


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