Saturday, May 22, 2010

TEN Highly effective habits of successful people(part 2)

I often wonder to myself why men find it so hard to ask for road directions especially when it is so obvious that they are could be attributed to thier ego, whatever the reason is, it is just not right.
Nobody is self made, and I mean NOBODY! Asking may seem trivial to an ordinary mind but to the Great mind it is a potent weapon that sets you on edge over your contempoaries. don't just make your decisions, I know it's your life but ask around. afterall it is said that'in the mouth of many there is counsel
Finally, bear in mind that Inquiry precedes Direction, Direction precedes Purpose and Purpose precedes Relevance. so ask a question today!

The thing about mistakes is that you will have to be real silly to make the same mistake more than once which unfortunately, most of us do.
Mistakes is very fundamental to growth. no Genius ever gets it right the very first time.
Don't be afraid to fall, fail, or do it again.Persistence is the key phrase here.
Mistakes are actually good, it's the inability to learn from our mistakes that is bad!

Pause, think back, how often do you say thank you for nothing?
The heart of gratitude is the heart of hope and the thing about being thankful is that it doesn't have to be for any particular reason.
Always find an excuse to appreciate your spouse, children, parents, friends, Life and your Maker. this gratitude is synonymous with optimism, always find a reason to smile and say thank you, even in the midst of the storm!
True Greatness starts in being grateful for the tiniest things.

What most people call faith, question is, what is that thing you believe in? everyone has at least one thing that they believe in, something they will always vouch for, and something they will be willing to die for. some other people refer to it as passion.
What you believe in brings passion and passion is a driver, it just keeps pushing you to that desirable height of success.
Anybody can get to the top, but passion for what you believe in is what keeps you there. To be truly successful, you must be passionate!

If you are able to master the nine habits above, you are well on your way to the top, except for one thing; this is Life and in life there is no 100% guarantee except you want to believe a lie.
I believe that the earth is designed by a superior being, often referred to by many as GOD.
True success starts by acknowledging him and submitting yourself to him in prayer.

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