Saturday, May 29, 2010


Much of what we know about seeds is limited to those tiny little things we see in our fruits, and which we often throw away because we judge it by it’s size, it’s looks and the fact that it never tastes nice.
The seed as we see it is more than our minds perceive, the seed is the LIFE of every tree, and the essence of growth for all plants.
Now, I am not a farmer, neither am I a horticulturist, though you may doubt this having seen my previous article on laws of increase, but I will like to share with you a certain and distinct similarity between Trees and Man. The one thing we have in common-the seed element.

Let me start by saying that your seed element is the Greatness within you, your untapped potential which the world eagerly awaits.
Man like the seed is made and meant to reproduce, and I do not just mean biological reproduction, but one more qualified in terms of business, career, marriage, social structures and even governments.
For a Clearer understanding, I would like us to look at three basic features/ elements of the seed.

•The Size of the Seed:
Now we all know that the seed is the smallest component of a tree and it cannot compare in terms of size with the other parts of the tree, even the fruits which are relatively small are by far larger in size than the seed( I mean for most standard fruits).
However the size of the seed has nothing to do with the role in germination, in fact, it is one of the beauties of nature. Man on the other hand is an embodiment of seeds, and in fact a variety of them, the problem with man however is that we tend to judge our seeds by its size, makes me wonder, what ever happened to the slogan ‘great things come in small packages’ how often we forget this. Our seed, like I said in my previous article symbolizes our gifts, skills, qualifications, and in some cases a mere desire or passion. It doesn’t have to be substantive, it only has to exist, however small that idea is, don’t write it off, learn from the farmer and understand the potency of your seed.
The Tree for man is the end product, while the seed is our take off point, and like I always say, Dream big, start small and start now!!!

•The Mortality of the Seed:

Don’t get that look on your face because I said mortality, yes, mortality. The life giving aspect of the seed stems from it’s death, how do I explain this? Ok, look at it this way, a seed doesn’t really become anything more than a seed unless and until it is planted, (dead and buried), it is after this that germination really occurs. The same is actually applicable to Man, that idea will never really become anything more than an idea until you do something with it, same goes for your dreams, ambitions and aspirations, they will never really become a reality except you are ready to run with it and die for it. this is more on the metaphorical sense, but bringing it home, get ready to be laughed at, disbelieved, ridiculed, mocked and most importantly rejected, but don’t be dismayed because usually after the turmoil comes the light at the end of the tunnel. Bear in mind that its your seed, to be planted in a world full of thorns and weeds, but if you are resistant and persistent enough not to be discouraged, its only a matter of time before the light of the sun will bring nourishment to you.

•The Capacity of the seed:
This by far is my favorite because it encapsulates the very fact that the seed is way bigger that what we take it for. The seed has the capacity to produce not just any tree, but trees that will last.
The seed also has the capacity not to produce food for one, or for a unit, but for hundreds of thousands over time, Can you connect and appreciate this in the seed element of man? Lets do it together, as a man, our seeds are meant to last, we are not created to entertain mediocre ideas, but ideas that will sustain nations, and every skill, gift, qualification that you possess has the capacity for that if only you know how to plant it.
Secondly, inasmuch as the tree provides food for hundreds of thousands, we need to understand that our seed also is made not just to sustain ourselves or our families, but our nation and generations yet unborn.

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  1. Posterity will celebrate you Tochi, this piece is so deep.