Sunday, May 23, 2010

Building Successful Relationships!

I always pride myself in the fact that I am a people person, which is why I find it puzzling when I can barely count people I can call on with the tip of my fingers. this got me thinking and well it has inspired this writeup. so here its is......
Don't just make friends, Build Relationships! and ones that will last too. Behind every great man is a woman,...and a network of relationships built over the years.
First thing we need to understand is that No one is an island, and I mean NOBODY. People need people and you can never be self made otherwise you will be self destruct.
When I say build relationships, I mean it in the real architectural sense. let's take a look, but I must warn you,I am no architect so there is no particular order.

  • LAY A GOOD FOUNDATION: like they say, first impressions last the longest. 2 things:
what do people think when they meet you for the first time?
what do you want people to think when they meet you for the first time?

Appearances actually do matter, it's called packaging, lay a good foundation for your networks, I mean, if you are going to be remembered, it might as well be for good.right?

Having worked on your foundation, the next logical thing is to put up a good structure. what designs do you want for your building? you have to know what you want from any relationship. Smart people usually meet a person for the first time and know instantly whether they want them for social network or business network. whichever the case may be, know the structure of the relationship you want to build and start putting it's designs in place.
Usually raw materials means expenditure and that connotes Investment. don't be afraid to spend on people, it's afterall an investment that may yield a life time, who knows? lol.
In investing, try not to spend too much so you dont appear suspicious and try not to spend too little so you don't appear stingy.
Spend as much as you can manage on your relationships and friends to let them know that you value and appreciate them.
Put the blocks in place, this connotes manual labour, but in our case it may not be physical, but we work to appeal to the sentiment of the other person. sacrifice is heavy, but it is a neccessary block in building.
Note that you build yourself as well as the relationship, learn how to keep a secret, give a favour, be there when it matters, always show that you care, that you can be trusted and slowly warm your way into the heart of the person.
Some people do this at the early stage of construction, but develop it when the actual building is complete. it's tantamount to Gating...having worked so hard on your relationship, you don't want to leave it open and vulnerable to intruders.
Protect your interest, people are worth fighting for, friends are worth keeping, you just have to determine the ones that are worth the while and go for them.

P.S Maintenance of every building is neccessary and in this case it is entirely up to you!


  1. Just what every one needs to live

  2. nice piece...u just inspired me.tnx gurl

  3. I guess we all must stop to self examine what we have been building, Tochi just tot me so to do.

    God, i have just been making friends not building relationships: But how about the class distinct challenge from prospective relationships?