Friday, May 28, 2010

5 ‘laws’ of INCREASE

The Earth as we know it, is designed in such a way that virtually every living thing has the element of growth. Right from the plants, insects, animals and up to human beings. This growth does not necessarily connote the physical advancement of living things, but refers to the innate ability of living and in some cases non living things to produce fruits of its kind. It is the law of productivity, the law of increase.
Increase is therefore a necessary and fundamental element for growth and success and there are certain laws that invariably govern the nature and extent of our increase.

1. Know thyself:
Knowledge of oneself is probably the most basic aspect of growth, every thing is created for growth, man, animals, ideas, nations, businesses, amongst others. Knowing thyself is more an issue of identity, knowing what you are made of and knowing what you are made for, knowing what you want out of life, knowing how far you are willing to go, knowing the extent of your strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, knowing that you were created for increase, your ideas, plans, passion and ambitions are designed for growth. It’s a crime for you to be in one place for too long, it’s the law against stagnation!

2. Know thy seed:
The seed is the most potent tool for growth in the hands of the farmer, and so it is with every other human being. The thing about seed is that it reproduces after its kind, I mean no one plants an orange seed and expects an almond harvest.
Seed here refers to your gifts, skills, experience, expertise, qualifications. Another thing about seeds is that you don’t keep your seeds, they are for planting, and so are your skills!

3. Know thy soil:
As valuable as a seed is, it can easily be destroyed if it is not planted in the right soil. The soil is extremely important because it provides the right atmosphere and temperature for growth. In relation to us humans, it derives in our knowing our area of competence as against the society we wish to plant or invest. Fish doesn’t struggle to swim in water, birds don’t struggle to fly, this is because their environment/point of relevance is compatible with their seed structure.
Understanding your soil saves you time, energy and prevents you from making investments in an atmosphere that is not conducive for your seed, on the other hand, it could also empower you to know the necessary amendments and alterations to make in order for the system to be more accommodating to your seed.

4. Understand the times and the seasons:
Life is governed by times and seasons, from birth to death, everything fluctuates from one temperature to another. From spring, winter, autumn, and summer. Nothing is constant, it’s a law of nature, the best people to understand this is the brokers who study the stock market, and as a law of Increase, we must have an understanding of our planting seasons, know when to take off, know when to hold back, and most importantly be patient, always bearing in mind that the rainy season which often look like the messiest season of the year, is the season that yields the growth!

5. Make room for the harvest:
One thing we need to know is that there is no hard and fast rule for when the harvest will come. This all depends on the nature of the seed that was planted, the peculiarities of the soil, the weather conditions etc, having understood this, make enough room for the harvest so that when it finally comes you will have room for it. Prepare in advance for that big business break by getting an office or warehouse, if you hope to travel out, procure a passport, if you want an academic qualification, buy the forms and study for the exams, always be prepared , that way the harvest doesn’t catch you by surprise!

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