Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Understanding the biological makeup of a woman could be quite complex, especially when one is not into human anatomy or medical practice. However the fact that I am a woman myself has made the task somewhat easy.
In my brief study, one thing that really marveled me in the body of the woman is her reproductive role, capacity and system.
From the point of birth, the woman possesses all it takes to give life, even though it doesn’t really develop till a certain stage of her life.
Again, the womb in my opinion is the most intriguing of all the features of the female reproductive system. Its in the womb that a child is conceived, nurtured before finally brought forth.
I’m certain all this talk of biology has left you wondering, which brings me to the point of this write up.

Do you know the human mind is very similar to the female womb?

• The mind, just like the womb, is the place where ideas are conceived, nurtured, before they are brought forth.

• Conception depends on external factors; the ovum depends on sperm, while the brain depends on knowledge.

• The womb provides conducive atmosphere for gestation, and so does the mind, it provides the temperature for the development of your ideas, through its storehouse of information and experience.

• As fetus is aborted from the womb that is the same way ideas can be aborted from our minds sadly by the mother of both baby and idea.

• When gestation period is complete, the womb releases the child to the world, so does the mind, as soon as the idea has been fully developed and strategized by the mind, it releases it for implementation.

• The natural process of release mentioned above is usually painful but worth the pain, so is the effort put to actualize our plans, ideas etc

We are ALL pregnant and should be expectant, men and women alike, now whether it is with a baby or an idea, one thing we need for our wombs or mind is nourishment, and this is more so during the term of such pregnancy. The woman needs her nutrients, her diets, her exercises, while the mind needs knowledge, experience, and direction.

Lack of these usually lead to mal nourishment and the inevitable deficiency of your baby or idea.

The point of this write up again;

• Study to acquire knowledge.

• Participate to gain experience

• Inquire to receive direction.


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