Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Branding that 'New' Business!

A lot of talk about branding goes on in the corporate world, and little wonder it is so because research has proven that branding has been the source of the rise or fall of many business empires.
According to the Encarta dictionary, branding is the
identification of product with manufacturer: the use of advertising, distinctive design, and other means to make consumers associate a specific product with a specific manufacturer

It suffices to say therefore that branding is a way of playing to the sensibilities of a target market or an already existing market, in order to create a lasting impression of your product that will reflect in increased sales.
Anyway, the question is how to you create an impression/brand for a non-existing business, or better put, a business plan that is so young that it doesn’t even have a market yet? This is where I come in, I will share with you certain procedures, which are simple really and which will definitely aid you in creating a brand!
•First, we need to tell the market that we are around, how can you create an impression if they don’t even know you exist? How do we do this, ever heard of freelance? Yup! That’s the secret, make yourself free or so affordable, people are people, and free things just has its way of exciting and attracting us.

•Always deliver, the only other thing better that freebies, is when the freebies carries content. Every body wants a free doughnut but somehow everybody expects that the free doughnut doesn’t taste as nice as the ones we pay for, it’s all psych. Let them know that your doughnut is not just free, but it tastes even better. Give them for free the value they can’t get even where they pay.

•Deliver Content, but always leave them wanting more, wet their appetites, give them the impression that as good as it gets, you have more, better where it came from, always leave them curious.

•Be available, be accessible, and let your business have a personality, always apply to the sensibilities of your market. It won’t hurt to create a customer service relationship.

•Make yourself scarce, let them look for you; this must be after you are sure that you have warmed yourself into their hearts.

•Repackage yourself, not the content- at this stage, you may want to consult with an image designer of some sort, remember, don’t just create an image for impressions, but build an image that will last.

•Come out with a big bang-and name your price!

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