Monday, June 14, 2010

The Spirit of PATRIOTISM

I remember singing the National anthem throughout my childhood years, its not like we had a choice, it was just an essential part of our education system, and I’m sure that the experience is not peculiar to me. However, what has got me thinking is the fact that I sang the anthem so many times but I never really listened to it, until recently.
Let me refresh your memory, the first stanza says; Arise O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. Unfortunately many of us have not answered to this call, for a number of reasons. Some of us can’t hear the call because we are not listening, some others are just too busy chasing after seemingly more important things, and yet the third group is just plain angry with the country. Maybe a little understanding of who a patriot is will clarify the picture.
According to the Encarta dictionary; a Patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his or her country and its way of life. Note the word PROUD.
Question: where are all the proud Nigerians?
A true patriot has certain characteristics that I want us to look at.
•INSIGHT: the ability to see clearly into a complex or complicated situation. It’s the power of vision. A patriot is some one who doesn’t see his nation as it is but rather as what he wants it to be, when every other person sees faults and mistakes, the patriot sees only hope and possibilities.
•STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: the Patriot usually depicts a strong strength of character, little wonder it is so, every thing around him suggests to give up on his vision, on his cause and on his nation, the leaders are corrupt, and exhibit no sign of remorse but yet his level of commitment is unwavering. He is also very matured, because it takes a mentally matured man not to speak ill of his country no matter what. Imagine a scenario, where your mother is sick, and there is a possibility it is fatal, you don’t wake up every morning and cry ‘Away with you, you sick old woman’( if you are in your right senses) rather you encourage her, tell her to be strong, assure her of recovery e.t.c
•LEADERSHIP: the Patriot is a true leader in every ramification, a leader always protects his own, no matter the cost, a good shepherd is willing to die for the sheep, as also a good captain for his ship and also a good pilot for his crew. If you have ever tried to attack chicks when the mother hen is there, you will understand what I mean. She will fight you with all she has, just to keep her chicks safe and protected. A patriot will be willing to take extreme measures where necessary to protect his own nation.

Where do you and I come in? there is a divine mandate for us to leave our nation better than we met it. It’s the law of replenishing the earth, this is one platform that is begging for our attention, and it is totally free. It is called the platform of patriotism, where every one is a positive thinker and positive speaker.
What have you been saying about Nigeria? The prodigal son may have left with the loot, Judas may have betrayed Jesus, our leaders may have disappointed us, but all these should not change the cause of the mission.
Our mission is for a better Nigeria, the laborers are the patriots which are you and I, our tool is our mouth and the words we speak and our zeal will shade us from the heat.
Remember, Patriotism doesn’t mean overlooking the wrongs, but rather commitment to the mission.
Listen; can you hear the call? It says Arise O compatriots.

Speak a positive word about our country today!

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