Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 'thesis'on doors

I once had the acquaintance of a one year old boy, his name is obiora and he is the son of a family friend. Obiora at one had an unusual fascination with doors, the implication of this was that he was always trying his hand on any and every door, of course at that age, his hand could barely touch the door knob and if he was able to stretch himself, he would succeed in slamming the door on his fingers( ouch). This did not make him relent, the guy just had a knack for doors, it was thus my pondering on this observation that inspired this write-up and as I share this thesis with you I hope as always that you will identify at least one point that is educative and informative to you and for your application.

Doors generally represent a ‘legitimate’ entrance or exit to and from a place. I use the word legitimate basically because there is a presupposition that thieves don’t come in through the front door, in their sly nature they have to employ a more sinister approach, and if they must go through a door( whether front or back) it has to be a break in.
1. A door symbolizes a semblance of possibilities that await you on the other side of the door, possibilities that are so treasured that they need to be guarded by a wooden or iron sense of security. A door doesn’t open merely by invitation, acquaintance or urgency, what guarantees the opening is either you have a key, or someone on the other side has a key and is willing to open for you.
2. A door also symbolizes transition, exit from a place and entry or at least the demand of entry into another place, we are constantly in motion, it is what makes us unique, the ability to detest stagnancy, in life generally and in finances specifically and so it is this life of transit that often brings us before doors, unfortunately most of us get stuck there.
3. A door usually attracts people of like minded destination, the truth is that if whatever on the other side is worth the while, chances are that you won’t be the only one in front of the door trying to get in. while you are waiting for the door to open, take time to be friendly, meet people that are waiting on your side of the door to get in, the fact you have the same destination doesn’t mean that they are your competition, if you network hard enough, you’d be surprised to meet someone that has the keys to the door or has already made contacts with someone on the other side.

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