Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Ultimate Brand

Brand loyalty, as I have recently observed is the combination of a number of factors that result in a customer preferring a particular product or service over others that are of a similar nature. Most enterprises have realized the importance branding in the success of their businesses and hence a lot of financing is invested into developing a company’s brand loyalty as it were, ranging from beautifully designed graphic logo’s, innovative advertisements and excellent customer / service delivery system, they all strive for a niche that stands them out in the market.

As human beings, we all have our distinct brands that set us apart from the crowd, that make more readily appealing and desirable that every other person and that ultimately yields us better returns in life, these brands could be consciously or unconsciously developed.
Allow me to put it this way, a brand in a layman’s point of view is simply what a product, company or person is known as remembered by. X-pression reminds us of quality hair piece, Coca-Cola reminds of refreshing beverage, identita Nigeria connotes brand loyalty, amongst others. These brands did not just exist, they are a result of a deliberate line of thoughts, policies and actions, and like in the case of Coca-Cola, the effect has spanned generations, and yet, I will tell you a most perfect brand, whether for an individual, corporation or government, LOVE is a perfect brand. Scripture speaking in John 13.34 and 35 said that we should love one another, and that by so doing, all men will know that we are his disciples. LOVE is the ultimate brand, it sells itself always, wards off competition and the recipients never forget thereby generating the best form of brand loyalty.
Imagine if every time someone thought of you or your business, a nice warm feeling came over the person who by the way doesn’t mean to date you?
To love your neighbor is more than a cliché and it expresses itself in the smallest acts of kindness. For instance, when last did you pay for a stranger sitting next to you in a bus? How often do you smile at a beggar while giving him money? When last did you pray for a sick neighbor not because you were asked to but because you truly cared? How often do you forgive a wrong without an apology?
The extent of your brand communication ensures that your business still thrives even after you retire, its generally what you are remembered for. What comes to your mind when you think of princess Diana, mother Theresa, or Martin Luther King(JR)? these are people that are no longer with us and yet their actions still speak for them.
Finally, you cannot give what you don’t have, no business should sell what it is not prepared to buy because it douses credibility completely. The only qualification to loving others is to love yourself. Now, loving yourself goes beyond having a high self esteem or confidence the ability to make wise and credible decisions for your life, not just because they make you feel good but because it is the right thing to do.
My point exactly? Having seen the importance of branding and identifying the ultimate brand, we need to start making conscious and deliberate efforts to build or increase our already existing brand loyalty and like every good brand, it cannot happen overnight, but after a while you’ll eventually build that perfect reputation that you want people to remember you for!

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