Friday, July 22, 2011


Dreams come true; I know your heart is laden with the heavy burden of an idea, plan, vision or mandate, you run with a pure passion to fulfill purpose and your quest for relevance has become a source of motivation. In the night season, when the imaginations of your heart are seeking for a voice, crying to be heard and begging to be seen, be rest assured that your restlessness is divinely ordained.

Dreams come true; although doubt may plague your mind, her vicious grip choking the faith right out of you, the bitter memories of yesterday’s fall leaves you trembling in dismay, and wondering if you labor in vain expectation, be strong in believe, for greater feats have been achieved by men of smaller frames, and the one who gave the dream will surely bring it to pass.

Dreams come true; and in bright and vivid pictures too. It doesn’t really matter how lofty or ludicrous yours may be. So whether it is to be president or pope, baker or barrister, if your desire is noble, you will inspire the divine force that drives dreams into reality.

Dreams come true; yes, all things are possible! So vanquish your fear, for your faith will find expression in tangible substance. You will awake in the morning to a song of celebration, as life’s delicacy will be laid before you in an open invitation to a glorious feast of fulfillment.

Dreams come true; they may be processed in the incubator of time, delayed but will not be denied, because eventually, time will unfold, whether in a minute or in a millennium, the Heavens will open, God will remember you and Destiny will happen!
 (c) Tochi Eze

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